Sep 06 2010

Air Conditioning Systems in Australia

In Australia you will find different types of “Air Conditioning” systems, the most common being:

  • Split System Reverse Cycle
  • Ducted Reverse Cycle
  • Evaporative Cooling System

Split System Reverse Cycle

The normal Split System Reverse Cycle, comprises an outdoor cooling/heating unit, and an indoor smaller control unit, normally sited on the wall, back to back with the outdoor unit.

Ducted Reverse Cycle

The Ducted Reverse Cycle, has ducts throughout the house to a central unit that cools or heats the air, and these ducts direct that air back to the rooms.

The term “Reverse Cycle”, means it can be used for Heating or Cooling.

Evaporative cooling system

The Evaporative cooling system, has NO option to heat, it is only cooling. This system uses much less power than the other systems, as it relies more on adding cooled water into the air.

This system is popular in the dry heat of WA, but would be near useless in the humid parts of QLD.

    Evaporative coolers, like all equipment, require maintenance.
    Legionnaire’s Disease, caused by the bacterium Legionella pneumophila and related bacteria … “may be found in purpose built water systems such as cooling towers, evaporative condensers…”As such, it is critical that evaporative coolers be properly installed and adequately maintained according to their manufacturers’ recommendations.

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