May 18 2011

Ambulance Insurance Cover in Australia

Ambulance Cover in Australia

The cost of getting an ambulance can be quite substantial, so it is very important to have insurance cover where required.

NSW for example, quote between a minimum of $237 (the basic call out fee) up to a maximum of $4,938.

In Tasmania insurance is not required, for Tasmanian Residents, whilst in Tasmania. However, if they require an ambulance on the mainland, I get the feeling that they may have to pay, unless they take out insurance prior to the event.

Ambulance Insurance details

Prices quoted are 2008/09, unless otherwise stated, so need checking for current rates.

  • QLD: No Insurance Needed. From 1 July 2003, all Queensland residents have been automatically covered for the cost of emergency ambulance services anywhere, anytime, across Australia.
  • W.A. Country area: St John Ambulance cover is administered by the local St John Sub Centres.
    Country Ambulance cover is only available for country residents who live in the following postcode zones: 6041-6044 & 6084, 6207-6208, 6211- 6799.
  • W.A Metro area: Costs: Single person:
    Yearly with 30% Rebate $ 29.10
    Yearly without 30% Rebate $ 41.60
    Yearly with 35% Rebate $ 27.00
    Yearly with 40% Rebate $ 24.95Family:
    Yearly with 30% Rebate $ 58.20
    Yearly without 30% Rebate $ 83.20
    Yearly with 35% Rebate $ 54.05
    Yearly with 40% Rebate $ 49.90
  • VIC: Details on the Victoria State Ambulance Insurance scheme are here – www.ambulance.vic.gov.au/…/membership_frames.html
  • NSW: Details on the Ambulance cover for NSW & ACT residents – www.ahmg.com.au/…/showpagenum.asp?page=2081
  • S.A. Details on the Ambulance cover for South Australian residents – www.saambulance.com.au/
  • Tasmania. The Tasmanian Ambulance Service currently provides a free service to Tasmanian residents – www.tasmanianambulancevolunteers.asn.au/2020.htm/
The cost of Ambulance travel in Australia
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