Jun 06 2015

Ancestry.com and your Family History

Tracing your Family Tree ?

Some years ago I spent many hours tracing my family tree, and I eventually set up a tree with Ancestry.com. I admit that I did use a free 3 day trial, but then was tempted to take out the full package, as 3 days just wasn’t enough time to go through all the available data.

Was it worth it ?

Yes. Without it I doubt that I would have identified that two of my “relatives” were as well placed in history as they were. And I never had an inkling. Maybe my father never even knew, and hence the info never came down the line.

If the 14 day free is still available, and you have time, then I do recommend it.

You too may have a Knight in your family tree.

Ancestry - 14 Days Free

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