May 18 2011

Ants in Australia

Ants in Australia

Painful Ants
    In general ants are mainly a nuisance pest rather than a health problem, although there are a few Ants in Australia that can cause an allergic reaction.

    These ants are normally known as: Jumping Jack, Bull Ants or Jumping Ants and they are members of the Myrmecia genus a primitive group of ants found only in Australia and New Calendonia.

    The ‘bull ants’ are the larger variety and can run rapidly across the ground while the smaller ‘jack jumpers’ can also move very quickly but by using fast short jumps.

    These ants are related to other stinging insects such as honey bees and wasps, and it is the sting from these ants rather than a bite that causes the severe pain, and sometimes an allergic reaction.

Common House Ant
    The common ant that we see in the house is rarely one that will bite, and a few sprays with surface spray, tends to work wonders.

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Good things about Ants
    Ants are good for the soil as they add air to it.
    Some ants eat termites

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