Apr 15 2017

AUD is High to the GBP, Anyone Consider Returning to UK

Returning to the UK, is it a Financial Option for some?.

With the value of the AUD compared to the British Pound there must be some who have been in Australia for a while, and have considered the option to return while the “Price is Right”

But is it?

Would it really be worth moving back?

Australian House Prices are high, everyone says so, and with the GBP being only 1.65 to the British Pound, it would be a perfect time financially.

I was curious.  I sold up and came out at a rate of 3 AUD to the GBP, so I just had to see what the real financial difference would be.

I ended up a bit shocked.  UK property prices have moved upwards too.  Zoopla is showing the Average Selling price for a 4 bedroom detached house in Kent at £502,640 in March 2017, that’s $829,000.

That put the kibosh on that…  A comparable location in Queensland is only $528,000.  That’s the financial advantage gone, and that’s the only reason of even looking into it.

For $529,000 in QLD


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