May 18 2011

Car Rental in Australia

Renting a Car in Australia

Need a car when you first arrive ?

Rent or Buy ?

Most people will rent a car at first, as buying a car and trying to have it waiting for you at the airport, may be a bit tricky.

Or is it.

Could using a Car Broker be the answer ? They find your car, register it, etc., and have it waiting at the airport ? …. It is worth investigating…

Insurance on Car Rentals

When renting cars you quite often have terms including an excess such as:

“Standard $3,000 excess applied to all drivers 25 years and over.
This may be lowered by the payment of a collision damage waiver (CDW).
Drivers must be 21 years of age or older.”

Thrifty Car Rental Budget Car Hire Avis Car Rental
National Car Hire Operators

Standby Car Rentals

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Youi Insurance

Standbycars.com provides simplistic online booking facilities for last minute (next 21 days) car rental deals throughout Australia and New Zealand.

One of the things that they do, is to arrange the return of “ONE WAY hired cars and motor homes” back to the original depot, and that can give great savings for the lucky person.

One example was:

Adelaide City to Sydney, for a 2 or 6 berth mobile home, 4 days allowed to do the trip at $5/day. $210 fuel allowance given and 1971km allowed

Cars 4 Backpackers

Sydney & Perth Car Hire:

Queensland Car Hire

Rent a Camper Motor Home in Australia

1 - 266

Win a Luxurious home in Australia with Hometown Prize Draws.

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