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Dec 23 2014

Sydney House Prices 2002 to 2014

Sydney House Prices 2002-2014

The median values of Freestanding Houses in Sydney between 2002 and 2014 The Australian Bureau of Statistics show that the Sydney Median House price has risen from $365,000 in March 2002 to $702,000 in March 2014. This is a rise of 92.33% in 12 years. This work outs at an average annual rise of 5.6%. Some figures …

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Aug 31 2013

Median Income and House Prices Australia. 1984 and 2012

A comparison between 1984 and 2012, showing how median family incomes and median house prices have risen, during those 28 years. 1984  Australian Property values The above chart converted to a spreadsheet: Ratio City City Property Value State Median Income 3.4 Sydney $85,800 $25,532 2.9 Melbourne $69,000 $24,024 2.7 Adelaide $68,200 $25,064 2.5 Brisbane $58,900 …

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Aug 31 2013

1984 to 2012 Changes in Australian House Prices

House Loan Repayment Percentages

1984 to 2012 Changes in House Prices: Perth has been the fastest growing City for median house prices during the 28 years from 1984, with an average increase of 8.36% per year, while Adelaide in South Australia has been the slowest with an average annual rise of just 6.32%. Median House Prices have risen over …

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May 10 2013

Mortgage Costs as a Percentage of Income in 2013

Mortgage Costs as a Percentage of Income, for 362 cities in various countries around the world, in a 2013 report. The following figures are from a report that I first looked at in 2010, and the figures for that year looked at 117 cities. It has now expanded to 362 Cities. The 2010 report is …

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Mar 20 2013

Average Price of Detached Houses in Australia

In the quarter ended June 2012, the average price of a DETACHED residential dwelling for each of the Capital Cities was: $605,200 Sydney with 10,114 sales $480,000 Melbourne with 11,638 sales $437,000 Brisbane with 5,792 sales $385,000 Adelaide with 3,713 sales $500,000 Perth with 5,436 sales $330,500 Hobart with 644 sales $547,000 Darwin with 345 …

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Jan 19 2013

Mortgage Payments v Income

Many times I have people saying that the cost of accommodation in Australia is very very high, and that many people have to pay a lot more than one third of income for their property rent or mortgage. This question was addressed in the Australian Census in both 2006 and 2011, and the actual facts …

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Dec 26 2012

Average New First Home Buyers Mortgage Value in Australia

Average New First Home Buyers Mortgage Value in Australia According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics: 5609.0 – Housing Finance Report, there were 9,215 new mortgages arranged for first home buyers in October 2012. The average value of these mortgages was $288,009, calculated across the whole of Australia. Tasmania had the lowest average First Home …

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Mar 20 2012

Sydney First Home Buyer Home Loans December 2011

$296,900 was the peak average loan value for Sydney First Home Buyer purchases in December 2011, down from $317,000 in December 2009. 13,767 first home buyer loans were approved in NSW, in the quarter ended December 2011, which was 52 per cent higher than the same period in 2010.      

Feb 14 2012

Property Rental Increases in 2011 in Australia

Figures released by RUN Property on Saturday 11th February 2012 showed that Sydney rents had risen by an average of 7.4% taking the average Sydney rent to $545 a week in 2011. In Brisbane however, rents rose by an average of 3.3% taking the average Brisbane rent to $346 a week in 2011. Melbourne rents …

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Jan 24 2012

House Prices Queensland Postcode 4165

Last 6 months House sales in Postcode 4165, Queensland Median and average property prices are always interesting to many people, including myself.  I checked my area today, for the last 6 months sales, and came up with the following figures: 3 Bed 1 bathroom Detached houses $305,000 Lowest $450,000 Highest $379,000 Median $366,800 Mean Average 3 …

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Dec 15 2011

Average House Prices in Britain September 2011

Average house prices in the South East of England for the quarter ended September 2011 were: £454,676 Detached  (about A$700,00) £255,491 Semi-detached £208,272 Terrace £165,890 Flat Average prices for Greater London were: £810,234 Detached  (about A$1,250,00) £468,533 Semi-detached £479,684 Terrace £362,073 Flat As at todays date, the official September 2011 figures for Australia are still not …

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Sep 14 2011

House Price to Income Ratio UK and Australia

A Property Price Index, for 2011, shows the following House Price to Income Ratios for selected British and Australian locations. City Country Ratio Bath UK 20.03 London UK 15.08 Sydney Australia 10.52 Bristol UK 10.07 Melbourne Australia 8.71 Cambridge UK 8.10 Canberra Australia 6.84 Darwin Australia 6.22 Brisbane Australia 6.05 Kingston Upon Hull UK 5.86 …

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Aug 13 2011

Property Prices UK and Australia 2011

Comparing house prices between the UK and Australia can be looked at in different ways. One way is the simple median price in each country, and convert at the current exchange rate. For the UK you could take figures for Greater London £419,091 Average house price based on 19,482 sales in April-June 2011. and compare …

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Aug 10 2011

First Home Buyers Mortgages June 2011

First Home Buyers Average Mortgage is $280,200 in June 2011. The number of property sales to first home buyers in the 12 months ended June 2011 has dropped considerably in both the total number, and in the proportion of first home buyers to all property purchases that were financed when compared to the year ended June …

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Jul 30 2011

Average Property Rent in Brisbane and Queensland

A guide to the changes in Unfurnished Property Rentals in the Brisbane and selected Queensland area is shown below: Median Weekly Rents for 3 Bedroom Houses Area Mar 2009 Mar 2010 Mar 2011 No in Qtr Brisbane $370 $380 $390      3,386 Cairns $310 $300 $310         551 Gold Coast $390 $395 $400      1,054 Ipswich $270 $275 …

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May 18 2011

Property Values

Australian Property Values Australian Capital City Residential Property Values July 2009 Median property values for each City in July 2009 are shown as: $537,396 Sydney $481,493 Perth $477,627 Canberra $466,903 Darwin $454,524 Melbourne $437,175 Brisbane $402,681 Adelaide Change from January 2009 to July 2009 + 6.6% Sydney + 2.5% Perth + 5.5% Canberra + 10.8% …

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Jul 12 2010

First Home Buyers average Mortgages

The change in the average mortgage finance for Australian First home buyers is shown in the charts below. How does the average First Home Buyers Mortgage compare to the average wages over the years ? Most First Home Buyers these days are two income families, many being both full time, but some with one being …

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