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Dec 21 2017

Australian Department of Home Affairs

Border is now Department of Home Affairs

On 20 December 2017, the Home Affairs Portfolio, including the Department of Home Affairs, was formally established, and includes the Dept of Immigration.

All website links that were previously at are automatically diverted to so all existing links on this website will (should) still go through to the new webpages at the Department of Home Affairs.

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Sep 21 2017

Please Sign a Petition: 457 to PR Age Changes

Please sign a Petition to Peter Dutton, Minister of Immigration

My name is Jeffrey, I am 46 years old and live in Perth with my family. I was granted a 457 visa in December 2016 as the primary applicant and my sponsor offered me a permanent full time job contract.

It was always our intention to apply for PR and whilst it was never a certainty we thought we had a pretty good chance as I have a permanent job offer in my current place of work. Taking that into consideration we decided to sell everything we had- house, car, belongings we had built up over nearly 20 years- for the opportunity of a better life for my family in Australia.

However due to the changes in immigration rules this chance is now slipping away fast. Every avenue I have explored is blocked as far as I can see, as each pathway is just out of reach every single time.

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Feb 22 2017

Outback Australia: Wanted: fun, adventurous and outgoing British single man or woman

A London based British television company has been commissioned to produce a new reality TV show for a major UK broadcaster.
They are looking to cast a fun, adventurous and outgoing British single man or woman in search of romance, but who is currently living in a remote location such as Outback Australia.

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Aug 25 2016

Woolworths Australia pulling out of Home Hardware market

Woolworths is pulling out of the Australian Home Hardware market Woolworths is closing its Masters stores, at a book- loss of $3.2 billion.  Financials have quoted it as a discontinued operation with a final post-tax $3.2 billion loss. Woolworths is selling its Home Timber and Hardware business to the group that owns the rival Mitre 10. Woolworths …

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Aug 25 2016

Woolworths Australia reports a record annual loss of A$1.23bn

Woolworths, Australia’s biggest supermarket chain, has reported a record annual loss of $1.23 billion
However, Woolworths appears to have actually made a profit of $0.6bn,

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Apr 30 2016

Expats lose the Right to vote in Referendum

Only resident British Citizens, and those who have left Britain behind and chosen to emigrate to another country within the last 15 years will be allowed to help shape what happens in Britain.

The referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union will take place on Thursday 23 June 2016

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Mar 24 2016

Driving during Easter in Australia

2016 Easter REPORTED Cumulative Total: 38,423 RBT’s performed with 214 Drink Driving Positives = 5.57 per 1,000 drivers

During the 2015 five-day Easter period police conducted 97,141 breath tests with 361 drink drivers returning a positive reading.
That is 3.7 drunk drivers in every 1,000 tested.

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Jan 27 2016

Participants wanted for New TV Documentary Series – Families Moving to Oz

TV Production Company Seeks You! New Documentary Series – Families Moving to Oz Ricochet are currently making a new documentary programme about people moving to Australia. It will be six one hour episodes and each programme would follow a family in the final build-up before they move, their arrival in Australia and first year of their …

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Jul 31 2015

A Real Britz in Oz Scam Email regarding Tax

A Real Britz in Oz Scam Email regarding Tax Can you see the two things in this email that scream that something is not right ? I received it in my britzinoz email. The links in the email were to a zip file in Sweden, but were hidden links so that most people would not …

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Jun 01 2015

Wanted Down Under on BBC One

The Wanted Down Under series on BBC One This is a series in which British families are given a look at life in Australia ahead of possible migration. Series 1 had 20 episodes and began in January 2007 The latest production is Series 9 with Episode 20 showing in January 2015 on BBC1 and March …

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May 14 2015

BBC Game Show – The National Lottery: 5 Star Family Reunion

BBC 5 Star Family Reunion Game Show A new TV show has been commissioned by the BBC for a full series. The producers are looking for British families who have emigrated all over the world (e.g Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, South Africa and anywhere else) to take part. 5 Star Family Reunion is a game …

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Oct 17 2014

Dragonfly TV – British Documentary on Working in Australia

Dragonfly TV – British Documentary on Working in Australia I am a TV Producer at London-based Dragonfly Film and Television.  We’re developing a new documentary series about British people who work, or are planning to work in Australia on major construction, energy and mining projects. I’m looking for British expats with every kind of hands-on …

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Sep 09 2014

£100,000 Unclaimed Premium Bond prize for Australian Resident

£100,000 Unclaimed Premium Bond prize for Australian Resident A Premium Bond prize of £100,000 that has been unclaimed for seven years belongs to a winner who was last listed as living in Australia. The prize was allocated in the February 2007 draw, with the bond number of 5ET395766 It is one of the largest of …

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Apr 10 2014

ITV: British in Australia

We are looking at the traditions British people living or visiting Australia bring here from the UK.. eg: What is a pommy Christmas here like?? What traditions are carried out under Australian summer sun? If you know people who might have some stories (especially surprising, quirky ones) about bringing British life to Oz, I would …

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Mar 23 2014

One in 10 Australians say they cannot afford to buy enough food..

A report from the Guardian newspaper states that “One in 10 Australians say they cannot afford to buy enough food..”  and that “Relative poverty in Australia is higher than the OECD average”. How accurate is this and what does it mean ? The OECD’s Society At A Glance report revealed that 14.4% of Australians live on less …

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Mar 21 2014

Top 25 World Beaches in 2014 – UK and Australia take FOUR places

In the Tripadvisor list of the top 25 beaches in the World for 2014, Australia and the UK took FOUR of the 25 places. These positions were: 5: Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Islands, Queensland, Australia 9: Rhossili Bay, Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom 20: Turquoise Bay, Exmouth, Western Australia 22: Cable Beach, Broome, Western Australia   The Full …

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Jun 20 2013

Australian Visa Charges from 1 July 2013

The Australian Department of Immigration has announced its new visa pricing arrangements which come into effect on 1 July 2013. One change involves the change from a single charge at the time of application, to a “charge per applicant” in an individual or combined application. The visa application charge might be broken into instalments, with …

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May 10 2013

Mortgage Costs as a Percentage of Income in 2013

Mortgage Costs as a Percentage of Income, for 362 cities in various countries around the world, in a 2013 report. The following figures are from a report that I first looked at in 2010, and the figures for that year looked at 117 cities. It has now expanded to 362 Cities. The 2010 report is …

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Apr 08 2013

Returning to Britain ? New Documentary TV series needs you!

Are you a British Expat living abroad?  Are you thinking of returning to the UK? Whether it’s because you’re missing family & friends, have struggled with the local culture or had trouble with your finances – we’d like to know why you want to come home! Award-winning Outline Productions are developing an exciting new documentary …

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Apr 04 2013

National Savings and Premium Bonds Website shutting for TWO days

From 6 April 2013 will be carrying out maintenance work on their systems (this includes internet and telephone) This work is scheduled to finish at 08:00 on 8 April 2013. (UK time) During this period you will not be able to access account information, make deposits or withdraw money from your account. are …

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