Aug 13 2013

Cheap Furniture in Australia

Sometimes a new migrant needs some furniture quickly, to use while they wait for their container to arrive with all their prized furniture.

Renting furniture is often considered, but when they get the prices, some people may look to other options.

One of those options is to buy a NEW furniture package.

There used to be only one company that did these budget package deals.  Back in 2006 when I first suggested this option, the only one was Fantastic Furniture, but there are now a few that offer these packages.


Fantastic Furniture have a range at: www.fantasticfurniture.com.au

These start at $849 for the the Geo 14-piece package. Bedroom, dining and living spaces covered. This value packed deal includes 2 sofas and a 4 seater dining table.  Great Quality is not something to be expected at that price.  But it may do for a while.

or the Zoe 13 piece package for $999 (Aug 2013)



Super A-Mart is another at: www.superamart.com.au

A 20 piece package for $3,999

1 - 325

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