Dec 15 2009

DAB Radios

2009 Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) and DAB+

Australia uses the new DAB+ radio system

Australian commercial digital radio services became available from the middle of 2009 in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.

What is the difference between DAB and DAB+?

The UK uses what’s referred to as ‘DAB’, whereas Australia is using the ‘DAB+’ format which is a more superior broadcast spectrum. For this reason DAB radios will not work in Australia.

UK uses the older DAB radio system

Will UK digital radios soon be obsolete?
What will happen if DAB+ replaces DAB?
Answers at:

DBA+ transmissions cannot be received on the older DAB radios.

22nd February 2006
Ofcom Encourages UK to Move to DAB Version 2

In a statement following their consultation on DAB, Ofcom has suggested that the UK broadcasters should work with manufacturers to make receivers that can receive both the current DAB services and DAB version 2 services as standard, so that the UK could eventually change over to DAB version 2:

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