Mar 24 2016

Driving during Easter in Australia

2016 Queensland Drink Driving Results:

Thu 24th March 2016:

11,303 RBT’s performed with 58 Drink Driving Positives = 5.1 per 1,000 drivers

Fri 25th March 2016:

12,329 RBT’s performed with 72 Drink Driving Positives = 5.8 per 1,000 drivers

Sat 26th March 2016:

8,817** RBT’s performed with 73 Drink Driving Positives = 8.28 per 1,000 drivers

Cumulative 2016 Total:

32,449 RBT’s performed with 203 Drink Driving Positives = 6.26 per 1,000 drivers

REPORTED Cumulative 2016 Total: 38,423 RBT’s performed with 214 Drink Driving Positives = 5.57 per 1,000 drivers

RBT = Random Breath Tests

2015 Queensland Drink Driving Results:

3.72 out of every 1,000 Drivers caught Drink Driving in Queensland during Easter 2015

Almost every Easter the police forces in the Australian States mount specific operations to target rivers during the Easter break

The results for the 2015 Operation in Queensland were:

“During the 2015 five-day Easter period, there were eight fatalities on Queensland roads and 295 injury crashes causing 366 injuries.”

Over that period, police conducted 97,141 breath tests with 361 drink drivers returning a positive reading, and out of 523 drug tests conducted statewide, 55 drug drivers were detected.

Cumulative 2015 Drink Driving Total: 97,141 RBT’s performed with 361 Drink Driving Positives = 3.72 per 1,000 drivers

Police also caught 5,147 motorists speeding, while 228 seat belts offences and 250 mobile phone offences occurred.

Easter Road Safety Campaign targets Fatal Five

The Fatal Five – drink driving and drug driving, fatigue, inattention, seat belt use and speeding – are the most common killers on Queensland roads.

Original Reports:

QLD Easter 2016 Road Statistics 3 days

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  1. ABCDiamond

    Queensland Drink Driving Breath Test Results for Easter 2016

    Thursday 24th March 2016
    11,303 Random Breath Tests performed (RBT)
    58 Drink Driving Positives


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