Dec 04 2014

Driving too Slow is an Offence

Driving too Slow is an Offence in many countries

In Victoria, Australia, the police are issuing summons to drivers who crawl at “abnormally low speeds” and who are obstructing the path of other motorists.

According to the Victoria State Highway Patrol “If you are going 50km/h down the Monash Freeway at 1am with no cars on the road it’s not a drama, but if you are doing that speed at 7am, in the right-hand lane during peak hour, it might be a problem.”

Under Speeding Fines:

$289 Underspeed – maximum fine for “obstructing the path of a driver or pedestrian

Over the Speed Limit Fines:

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$189 exceed the speed limit by less than 10km/h
$289 exceed the speed limit by 10-15km/h.

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