Apr 30 2016

Expats lose the Right to vote in Referendum

Expats in Europe lose High Court battle to vote in referendum

News reports such as in the Telegraph are stating that around 700,000 British expats in Europe will be unable to vote in the EU referendum after the High Court ruled against them.

What exactly does this mean ?  Who exactly has lost the vote to help shape Britains future?

One news report quotes: “I am disappointed and saddened that there are still people in democratic Britain fighting for the right to vote.”

That sounds really bad, but which people in Britain does this refer to?

The post references two people specifically; one who has lived in Italy since 1982 and another who has lived in Belgium since 1987.

Both of these have been residing OUTSIDE Britain for over 15 years.  One left 34 years ago and the other left 29 years ago, and they are fighting for the right to still vote in Britain.

Non-resident British citizens whose last residence in the United Kingdom was more than 15 years ago, will NOT be allowed to vote in the referendum.

Only resident British Citizens, and those who have left Britain behind and chosen to emigrate to another country within the last 15 years will be allowed to help shape what happens in Britain.

The referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union will take place on Thursday 23 June 2016


I left Britain behind over 15 years ago, and chose another country.

The question I ask myself is: Should I have the right to choose what happens in Britain, to the those who remain in Britain, or should I allow those who choose to stay in Britain, to make the decision solely by themselves? Yes or No?

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