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Food Price Comparison UK-Aus
November 10, 2009 Comparisons

A report that has been issued around the world has recently shown that Food prices have risen, during the last decade, by different amounts in different countries. The figures for Australia and the United Kingdom are shown as:

  • Aus: 41% increase
  • UK: 33% increase

However, the report makes no mention of corresponding wage increases during the same period.

  • Aus: 51.3% increase
  • UK: 35.6% increase

Both countries have had wage rises exceeding the food price rises.

Figures of wage increases for both countries, from each governments statistical services are shown at:


United Kingdom:

August 21st 2009

Many people compare the cost of food between Australia and the UK, but alongside this cost comparison, ensure that you also take account of your earnings, so that you get the REAL comparison.

For example, our food expenditure expressed as a percentage of our net income (after tax) has been:

  • 17.4% 2004/2005 tax year
  • 16.7% 2005/2006
  • 16.8% 2006/2007
  • 15.1% 2007/2008
  • 14.1% 2008/2009

Obviously this means nothing in itself, but when compared to the equivalent UK figures, it would give a meaningful indication, but only to our individual situation.

What is needed, to compare better, are exact product prices examples.

I am able to give Australian prices very easily, as I live here, and I can also give options on prices based on the different shops in the area.

For example:  Rump Steak:

  • Supermarket – Beef Rump Steak Economy 410g for $6.15 which is $14.99 kg
  • Supermarket – Beef Rump Steak Heart Smart 350g for $8.40 which is $24.00 kg
  • Local butchers – Rump Steak $5.99 kg
  • Local butchers – MSA Quality Rump steak $9.99 kg

Another example, of many that I could name, is basic Whole Milk.

  • Supermarket – 2 Litres Homebrand Whole Milk  $2.34
  • Supermarket – 2 litres A2 Full Cream Milk $5.38
  • Local Fruit Shop – 2 litres Whole Milk $1.79

This points out that you need to be careful where you buy, and where you compare your prices.

Supermarkets tend not be as cheap as the many local shops that are still available and thriving in Australia.

Many new migrants just go to the supermarkets, and find things are more expensive, whilst the locals shop around are often able to supply many items at much cheaper prices.

Give your UK examples in the comment box below and I will see what we pay for the same or similar item..

1 - 340

"3" Comments
  1. Quality needs to be considered in any discussion about comparative food prices especially when comparing fresh produce. Also, ethical issues. If something is very cheap it probably means somebody is being exploited somewhere along the production line.

    • Quality comparisons are of course much harder to do, and are sometimes subjective to a persons tastes.

      However, by showing examples such as:
      – Beef Rump Steak Economy $14.99 kg
      – Beef Rump Steak Heart Smart $24.00 kg
      and Local butchers:
      – Rump Steak $5.99 kg
      – MSA Quality Rump steak $9.99 kg
      I hope to indicate that quality also affects prices.

      My local butcher today has local lamb at $5.99 kg, just need to buy the whole lamb (cut up for the freezer of course)
      As examples of Woolworth’s LAMB prices today:

      $13.00 kg Lamb Forequarter Chops
      $16.99 kg Lamb Rump Steak
      $29.38 kg Lamb Leg Steak Heart Smart
      $36.99 kg Lamb Cutlets
      $ 3.99 Lamb Off Cuts Bones

  2. A comparison of some basic items that I checked, at the UK Tesco and Australia Woolworth supermarket sites the other day.

    Milk: 2 Litres Own Brand
    Tescos: Own Label Whole Milk 2.272Ltr/4 Pints £1.55 = A$2.48*
    Woolworths: Homebrand Milk Whole Bottle 2L $2.24

    Rice 2KG
    Tesco: Own Label Long Grain Rice 2KG £2.43 = A$3.89*
    Woolworths: Homebrand Rice Long Grain 2kg $3.18

    Butter 250g
    Tesco: Own Label Value Butter 250G £0.98 = A$1.57*
    Woolworth: Homebrand Butter Block 250g $1.57

    Cheese 500g block
    Tesco: Own Label Lighter Mature Cheese 500G £3.85 = A$6.16*
    Woolworth: Woolworths Select Cheese Vintage 500g $6.20
    Woolworth: Homebrand Cheese Tasty Block 500g $4.27


    * Comparison prices converted at 1.6 A$ to the £

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