Jul 22 2016

How much Do You Pay when you ring a 13/1300 number

Charges for calls to 13/1300 numbers

Some Businesses choose to use a 13/1300 number so that their customers get Toll Free calls, and maybe keep phone costs down, but is it really worth it for a Local Business?

I prefer a local business to have a local number, and not a 13/1300 number when I end up paying 44 cents for each call, when I can call local numbers for free.

The cost of 13/1300 calls can vary widely, from 3 cents per minute up to $1.39 per minute

How much Do You Pay when you ring a 13/1300 number?

A few examples here:

Telstra Landline calls to 13 numbers – 40¢ per call
Optus Landline calls to 13 numbers – 35c per call
iPrimus Landline calls to 13/1300 numbers – 44c per call
Optus Mobile Prepaid Long Expiry Plan calls to 13 numbers – 20c per min
Optus Mobile Daily Plus and Ultimate Plan calls to 13 numbers – Included in Plan Cost

Some of the above may or may not include GST.

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Most Phone plans that have included calls allowance specify: “Calls and messages to standard Australian numbers are included”
But also state that 13/1300 numbers are NOT ‘standard Australian numbers’.


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