Jun 28 2016

How Quickly did you get your Citizenship Certificate

How Quickly did you get your  Australian Citizenship Certificate

In 2011 I took my Citizenship Test and received my Citizenship Certificate just 23 days later.

How long is the average wait now?

My Citizenship Timeline:

The Citizenship test was taken on 28th November 2011.
The Citizenship Ceremony was held at 10:45 am on 21st December 2011.
The Australian Passport Application was lodged at 11:55 am on the same day, 21st December 2011.
The completed passport became ready for collection at 2.55 pm on the same day, 21st December 2011

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  1. ABCDiamond

    Does anyone who had the Citizenship ceremony in 2015 or 2016 want to talk to an ABC reporter about the process and the times?

    Has anyone had to wait longer than 12 months between the Test and Ceremony ?

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