Apr 07 2017

If a Partner Visa is Refused, Do I get a Refund of my Visa Fees

Refund of Partner Visa Fees on Visa Refusal

I suppose it is a valid question when you are shelling out about $7,000 for a Partner Visa Application, but before anyone gets their hopes up, it is very rare to get those fees refunded, especially from a rejection.

The application fee is intended to cover all costs in looking at the Application, and will be absorbed by the time a rejection or a grant is finally made.

There are a few grounds for a Visa Application Fee refund, mainly relating to a Visa Withdrawal, but even then, not very often. These can be seen on the Refund request form at: https://www.border.gov.au/Forms/Documents/1424.pdf

Quote from “Withdrawal of a visa application” There are very limited circumstances in which a refund may be given. For information about refunds please refer to form 1424 Refund request.

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