Dec 03 2010

Jetstar or Virgin Blue for Domestic Flights in Australia

An opportunity arises when a person flies in one direction by one airline, and then the return trip by the other, to evaluate the two airlines.
Well, this just happened, and the difference can be incredible and expensive.

Watch this space… I am waiting for the airline response before publishing what actually happened…

A few comparisons in baggage allowances between the two…


Checked Baggage:

JetSaver Light No allowance
JetSaver and JetFlex 20kg allowed

Cabin Baggage:

Cabin Baggage limits are strictly applied.
Each Passenger (except infants not occupying an aircraft seat) is permitted 1 main item of Cabin Baggage and 1 other small item, with a total combined weight of up to 10kg for Jetstar.
Airport Excess Baggage Rates $10 per kilogram (kg) for domestic flights.
Airport Excess Baggage Rates $20 per kilogram (kg) for international flights.

Virgin Blue

Checked Baggage:

23kg checked baggage allowance included (or optional on some flights for $20 extra).

Cabin Baggage:

You may take, free of charge, baggage weighing up to 7 kg on board with you, which might consist of:
1 piece not exceeding dimensions of 23 cm in depth, 34 cm in height and 48 cm in length, (total linear dimensions equal to 105cm), and;
1 suit pack or garment bag, non rigid/unfolded not exceeding 11cm in depth x 60cm in width x 114cm in length (total linear dimensions equal to 185 cm), or another small bag or briefcase.
Excess Baggage is charged at AU$10 per KG or part thereof, on Domestic Flights.

It appears that at first glance, both of these appear the same… but what is REALITY ?

Watch this space… I am waiting for the airline response before publishing what actually happened…

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  1. ABCDiamond

    I’ll not be using Jetstar again.

    A $200 excess charge by Jetstar, yet Virgin allowed the same combined baggage.

    I think it comes down to this quote from Jetstar above: Cabin “Baggage limits are strictly applied.”

    Virgin didn’t check hand baggage weight, Jetstar did.

    But I wasn’t keen on their eventual reply, on 18th February !!, which basically said “that is the charge”, and also ended with: “we hope you will travel with us again”.

  2. CJ

    So, what was the result?

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