Mar 27 2010

John West Food Prices

Checking the online supermarkets on 27th March 2010, and I found the following same John West products in all three stores, one in Australia, and two in the UK.

At an exchange rate of 2.87 (not seen since 2003), these prices would be identical, but at todays exchange rate of 1.7, then the Australian prices are 68% higher.

As a percentage of the average weekly wage, to purchase one of each item you would need the following (based on average wage May 2009):

  • 2.00%  of the average Australian full time wage
  • 1.77% of the average  UK full time wage

Using this formula, the Australian cost is actually 12.8% higher than the UK price.

Woolworths Tesco Asda Product description
$3.25 £0.98 £1.13 John West Herrings Tomato 200g
$3.25 £1.24 £1.22 John West Kipper Fillets In Brine 200g
$2.35 £0.93 £1.14 John West Mackerel Fillets 125g
$5.85 £2.49 £2.00 John West Salmon Red 210g
$9.57 £2.93 £2.92 John West Salmon Red 415g
$2.65 £0.82 £0.81 John West Sardines Scottish In Oil 110g
$26.92 $9.39 $9.22 Total Basket

1 - 131

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