Aug 29 2010

Last Christmas Posting dates Australia to UK

2014 Christmas Posting from Australia

This is the Aus Post link to 2014 Christmas: http://auspost.com.au/christmas-2014.html

If you have left it this late for Christmas, you only have one real option left…

Have a Card posted in the UK to the UK..

This is one example, and not a bad one either, a personalised card with your own photos, for little more than the cost of a Hallmark card…

Last Christmas Posting dates from Australia to UK

Seapost: Sept 15th 2010

The above date is quoted by my local post office.

Australia Post head office quotes the following:

The Sea Mail closing date for gifts being sent to the United Kingdom is 21 September, while most of mainland Europe is one week later, on 28 September. If you need to send gifts to South America you’ll have to get organised even sooner with some closing dates as early as 17 August.
All Sea Mail departs from Sydney so people sending parcels from interstate or outside the metropolitan area should allow extra time for their parcels to travel to Sydney before the listed closing date.

Looking at that information, it would appear that the last date Leaving Sydney was September 21st.

Current dates can be seen at: http://auspost.com.au/about-us/christmas-sea-mail.html



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