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It is Father’s Day in the UK on Sunday 17th June 2018

You can now have a card printed and posted from the UK, for not much more than the cost of a card plus postage from Australia.

  • Quaker Oats in Australia Quaker Oats have always been a popular favourite for the British, and for many years were available in the main Australian supermarkets. But they disappeared some time ago. Some say they vanished in 2013, others in 2015. Quaker Oats can be delivered to you in Australia by …Continue reading »
  • Aussie Farmers Direct – Save $20 On Each of Next Two Meal Orders $20 OFF each of your Next Two Meal Orders at Aussie Farmers Direct, expires on 11th September 2017.Continue reading »
  • British Corner Shop 20% Off 11th-13th August 2017 20% off (excluding shipping) at British Corner Shop Valid during the period: Friday 11th August 2017 at 9am GMT to midnight GMT on Sunday 13th August 2017 At Checkout use Code …Continue reading »
  • High Electricity Costs in Australia 2017 I have two problems with the report that says: Australian residential customers are paying the highest electricity prices in the world The definition of huge increases on July 1 2017, Mine went from 25.586 cents up to 26.961 cents, and increase of 5.37%, but the fixed charge dropped by 1.96% from $1.28117 down to $1.25609 per day. The ...
  • Australian Aged Pension Rates 2017 Australian Aged Pension Eligibility: If your birthdate is before 1 July 1952 you’ll be old enough at 65 years If your birthdate is 1 July 1952 to 31 December 1953 you’ll be old enough at 65 years and 6 months Australian SINGLE PERSON Welfare Based Aged Pension from July 2017 $808.30 Base Pension $ 65.90 Supplement $ 14.10 Clean Energy Supplement $888.30 ...
  • Australian Interest Rates – Reserve Bank of Australia The Australian Reserve Bank Cash Rate The Australian cash rate is the overnight money market interest rate. It is used as the interest rate on unsecured overnight loans between banks. Home Loan Interest rates are often affected by any changes in this rate, but not always. The current Australian Reserve Bank Cash Rate is:Continue reading »
  • Fathers Day Fathers Day in the UK is Sunday, June 18th 2017 Fathers Day in Australia is Sunday, September 3rd 2017 Fathers Day in the UK is Sunday, June 17th 2018Continue reading »
  • UK Aged Pension: 60% Part Pension for Spouse An extra 60% British Aged Pension for your Spouse?Continue reading »
  • Shopping for Unlocked Mobile Phones A selection of Unlocked Mobile Phones available from an Australian Online Electronics store. Free standard shipping applies to orders in excess of $50 in product value and when shipping to metropolitan areas.Continue reading »
  • Cost of Living Index 2017 UK – Australia General Cost of Living Index 2017 Rent Cost of Living Index 2017 Groceries Cost of Living Index 2017 Restaurant Cost of Living Index 2017 UK to Australia ComparisonsContinue reading »
  • Brooks Traditional Fish And Chips, Victoria Point, QLD Traditional British Fish And Chips in Brisbane Bayside, Redland City, QueenslandContinue reading »
  • Fryer Tuck, British Fish and Chips, Melbourne St Kilda, Victoria: British quality fish and chips and other English delicacies such as Scampi, Scotch Eggs, mushy peas, curry sauce, cockles, Cornish Pasty, Haggis etc.Continue reading »
  • Online Grocery Shopping in Australia The major supermarkets in Australia offer grocery shoppers the opportunity to buy online and have their orders delivered in many areas, and so do a few smaller grocery suppliers. Aussie Farmers Direct are currently offering $20 off their first order as a special offer.Continue reading »
  • Minimum Wage in Australia 2017 The Australian annual minimum full time wage increases to $36,134.80 on 1st July 2017Continue reading »
  • Average Property Rent in Brisbane and Queensland Changes in Median Weekly Rents for 3 Bedroom Houses in Queensland 2014 to 2017 1.56% per year average rise for Brisbane 1.87% % per year average rise for Cairns 3.01% per year average rise for Gold Coast 1.10% per year average rise for Ipswich 1.98% per year average rise for Logan 3.23% per year average rise for Sunshine Coast 0.54% per year ...

Need a Visa for Australia ?

Not sure which visa to apply for ? The Australian Government immigration website now has the FIND A VISA WIZARD at: Answer the questions and the wizard will point you in the right direction…

Immigration Rule Changes

Updates and changes can be seen at:

Family Tax Benefits stopped for non lodgement of Tax Returns
Changes to the Building Trade Licence Legislation – QUEENSLAND

From 1 December 2009, there was a change to building licensing regulations in Queensland. Most work valued at $3,300 or less is now exempt from BSA’s licensing requirements. The previous threshold was $1,100.

Books about Australia

There are many books about Australia, and Amazon have an excellent choice. Some of these are a must read for people wanting to find out more about Australia.

Driving in Queensland

Most speed limits in built up areas in Brisbane are 60kph (37.5mph), but this reduces to 50kph (31.25mph) in many residential areas. Other roads may be 80kph (50mph), with 100 kph (62.5mph) or 110 kph (68.75mph) on the Freeways/Motorways.

More…. Driving in Queensland

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