May 18 2011

Optical and Opticians in Australia

Eye Tests and Opticians in Australia

Free Eye Tests in Australia

Eye Examinations are available at many Opticians, and the cost of this examination is covered by Medicare for one FULL examination every two years.

Discounted Glasses and Contact lenses with some Private Insurance

Membership of some of the Australian Medical Health Funds can give discounts on frames, lenses and contact lenses, at some opticians.

Dangers to eyesight from Sunlight in Australia

Solar ultraviolet light causes cataracts source and source (PDF File)

Long term exposure to solar ultra violet radiation is a risk factor for cataracts, a very common eye disorder that results in loss of vision. The prevalence of significant cataracts is 25 per cent in people aged 65-74 and over 40 per cent in those aged more than 75 years.

Cataract surgery imposes a very significant annual cost on the community.

  • Over 120,000 cataract operations are performed in Australia each year.
  • Australia’s cataract surgery rate is 6,300 per million, which is higher than the USA and the UK.
  • About 0.3 per cent of the population suffers from blindness due to cataracts.

Research shows that Australians who spend even moderate time in the summer sun without appropriate eye protection are twice as likely to develop dangerous vision complications later in life.

Opticians in Australia

Some National Opticians in Australia

Online Contact Lenses

More at: Cost of Contact Lenses in Australia

Prices of Contact Lenses are much cheaper online than at the local Optician

Compare the UK Contact Lens prices at:


and the Australian Contact Lens prices at:


These are just some examples of buying Contact Lenses in, or from Australia, but it is worth shopping around

If you have useful info on which opticians are good, please add it in the comments section below.

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