Feb 22 2017

Outback Australia: Wanted: fun, adventurous and outgoing British single man or woman

New UK Reality TV Show needs an Outgoing Single Brit in the Outback

A London based British television company has been commissioned to produce a new reality TV show for a major UK broadcaster.

They are looking to cast a fun, adventurous and outgoing British single man or woman in search of romance, but who is currently living in a remote location such as Outback Australia.

Because of their extreme location, this singleton has little or no chance of finding the partner of their dreams.

The purpose of this new show is to fix their dating predicament.

If you know someone in this dilemma they would be very interested in chatting to them. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Dean Palmer Producer
Amazing Productions Limited
3 Princes Close


Use this form to submit any information, which will be sent on to the Producer. (it will not be published on this site)

1 - 15

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