May 18 2011

Pet Insurance in Australia

Pet Insurance in Australia

Insuring your pet in Australia

Pet Insurance in Australia is provided by these main insurers:

It is important to note that problems in arranging pet insurance for older pets can occur when moving countries.

Many Insurers, in both Australia and the UK have age limits where a pet will not be covered for insurance.

An example of this is the PetPlan policy which offers plans in both the UK and Australia. Their terms for dogs are:

If the cat is insured prior to it becoming 8 (Australia) or 10 (UK), then cover continues for life, but if a migrant arrives with an older pet, then there is a problem getting insurance for the first time. Dogs are listed at 8 years in both countries.

Australian Petplan terms:

Most pets can be insured for the first time from 8 wks of age up to their 8th birthday, our policies cover your pet’s illnesses and injuries for life, as long as you renew your policy with us each year

UK Petplan terms

For our Covered for Life dog insurance products, cover must start from 6 weeks of age and before their 8th birthday

ie: In both countries cover only extends for life, IF the policy begins before the dogs 8th birthday.

Cats, with Petplan, are 8 years in Australia and 10 years in the UK.

Other insurers have different age limits, one of the Australian insurers states: “if dogs and cats are enrolled by their 9th birthday, then they are eligible for Lifelong Cover for the rest of their lives. ”

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