May 16 2014

School Fees on 457 Temporary Visa Holders

457 Visa School Fees in Australia

Most States in Australia allow exemptions for school fees for the children of 457 Visa holders, treating these temporary visa holders the same as PR or citizens, as far as school fees are concerned.

However, NSW, ACT and now WA, charge Fees for children of 457 Visa holders attending State schools.

New South Wales 457 Visa School Fees

Kindergarten to Year 10
2013 $4,500
2014 $5,000

Years 11 and 12
2013 $5,500
2014 $6,000

Australian Capital Territory 457 Visa School Fees

2013 $9,500
2014 $10,00

Junior Secondary
2013 $11,500
2014 $12,000

Senior Secondary
2013 $13,000
2014 $13,500

Western Australia 457 Visa School Fees

2014 $4,000 for 1st Child and $2,000 for additional children

1 - 1,208

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  1. Brit Babe

    I have been in the ACT since Nov 2010 on a 457 visa and my children do not need to pay international school fees!!! We are here on a 457 visa but to be honest you need to check that your skills code(DIAC – code I think) is on the shortage list, if that is the case then you do not pay fees.

    1. ABCDiamond

      Is it the school that determined this, or the correct Education Finance department. Some schools have stuffed up ih the past and just allowed it without checking. One local school allowed a child on a parents student visa to have free schooling 🙂 But only for the first year…. it changed once they realised the error.

  2. Jeffrey Hianjuku

    I totally disagree with the NSW and ACT on this policy. Some 457 visa holders have almost 100% education subsidy paid in their countries to come and work in Australia where we pay taxes to Australia and at the same time contribute to develop the economy of Australia. It is totally unfair for us. Hwy other states allow subsidy whilst not these stated.

    Thanks for allowing me to air my comment.

    1. ABCDiamond

      I agree with you. Australia is too lenient.

      Another one, that I think you would disagree with, is the Travel concessions for students.

      An overseas foreign student is able to claim a concession card to allow them cheap travel, because their income is low. Ignore the fact that someone is able to pay substantial amounts for them to come here and pay for private study, in this country of their choice, and in their financial capability.

      There are more of these examples in other areas.

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