Jan 25 2010

Speeding Fines and Demerit Points in Western Australia

The following Speeding fines and Demerit points were valid in 2009, and published on the Western Australia Office of Road Safety website.

Fine Demerit Points Km/h over the speed limit
$75 0 Not more than 9 km/h
$150 2 More than 9 km/h but not more than 19 km/h
$300 3 More than 19 km/h but not more than 29 km/h
$700 5 More than 29 km/h but not more than 40 km/h
$1,000 7 More than 40 km/h

Police can impound the vehicles of drivers who exceed the speed limit by more than 45 km/h.

Double demerit points apply on all long weekends and holiday periods.


1 - 1,407

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1 comment

  1. jann lane

    I received two fines on 15th July for $300 each . In Margaret River .I have lost the letter with the details and need to pay.
    I also wish to query the amount. The car registration is 1cxi.569

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