Jul 22 2016

Value of GBP 10,000 in Australian Dollars

How much is the British Pound Worth now?

With all the movement of Currency Values following the British Referendum on Europe, it is interesting to see how the British Pound is going against the Australian Dollar.

These figures are the NET accurate quotes for the amount that would be paid for a total cost of £10,000 from a Sterling Account to an Australian Account.

22nd July 2016 – AUD 17,587.06

10th Dec 2015 – AUD 20,590.11

Those figures show a real drop of 14.58% between the two dates.

However, the FX rate today isn’t as bad as it was in June 2013…
Using the figures that I had in a post back then www.britzinoz.com/gbp-v-aud-june-2013 the change is very different:

22nd July 2016 – AUD 17,587.06

12th June 2013 – AUD 16,565.00

This shows an increase of 6.17% over 3 years.

Maybe time to consider moving AUD to GBP ? Or ??

Historic Highs and Lows have been:

Oct-1976 1.282 Australian Dollars per GBP (A$12,800 for GBP10,000)
Sep-2001 2.989 Australian Dollars per GBP (A$29,800 for GBP10,000)

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