Dec 16 2016

Drink Driving in Australia: December 2016

230 drivers were charged with drink driving, out of 20,488 tests.

Queensland Police charged 230 drink drivers and 93 Drivers under the influence of drugs during the weekending 11th December 2016, after carrying out over 20,000 roadside tests.

Another major drink and drug driving blitz by Queensland Police began on Friday 16th December 2016 and will last over the weekend.

The Queensland Police ‘Operation Stopper’ will see many RBTs being set up at known ‘hot spots’ as well as random locations, including motorways.

Drink driving contributed to 57 fatalities on Queensland roads in 2015.

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  1. ABCDiamond

    Pre Christmas 2016.
    Queensland Police have coordinated a state-wide ‘Operation Stopper’ specifically targeting and detecting drink and drug driving in Queensland.

    Results are:

    Day 1: 17/18th December 2016 Friday night to Saturday morning.
    Police conducted 17,766 random breath tests overall, with 41 drivers returning a positive result.

    Day 2: 18/19th December 2016 Saturday night to Sunday morning.
    Police conducted 15,037 random breath tests overall, with 11 drivers returning a positive result.

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