Oct 23 2016

How much does an Australian Birth Certificate cost

How much does an Australian Birth Certificate cost?
The costs for an Australian Birth Certificate varies depending on the state of registration, and vary between $31.80 and $53.00 for a standard certificate. Commemorative birth certificates are charged extra, if required.

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Oct 23 2016

How much does it cost to become an Australian citizen

The Cost to Become an Australian citizen
Being born in Australia as an Australian citizen generally has no cost, other than the birth certificate cost, but for Migrants who wish to apply for Citizenship, and for Australians born outside Australia, there are some small costs.
The Australian Citizenship Fees from 1st January 2016 are:
$285.00 Australian citizenship – General eligibility

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Oct 11 2016

FTSE 250 Index Before and After Brexit

The UK FTSE 250 Index rises by over 20% in the 4 months from Brexit to October 2016.
The UK FTSE 100 Index rises by over 18% in the 4 months from Brexit to October 2016.

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Sep 30 2016

British Pound Before and After Brexit

Between January 1st 2016 and the 23rd May 2016, one month BEFORE Brexit (23rd June 2016), the GBP experienced an FX drop to every country below of between 7.43% and 14.74%

Between January 1st 2016 and the 30th September 2016, 3 months AFTER Brexit, the drops are between 15.58% and 29.71%

The changes from the week before Brexit to the 30th September 2016 are between 7.23% and 19.33%

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Sep 28 2016

Immigration Form 968i

The Form 968i is information about Return documents for Australian citizens and permanent residents.
The border website for this now quotes: “Note: This form has been removed and the information is now available on the website.”
The Form refers to a page called Returned Documents

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Sep 24 2016

Australian Driving Test: Theory Practice Test

Learner’s Theory Tests can be practiced online.

Getting ready to learn to drive?
To check if you are ready for your driver knowledge test take the practice driver knowledge test for learner rivers.

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Sep 22 2016

How Much does an Eye Test Cost in Australia

The Cost of an Eye Examination in Australia Eye Tests are covered under Medicare and for a long time most Optometrists Bulk Billed for basic eye examinations, which means we didn’t have to pay anything. Medicare used to pay the optometrist 85% of the scheduled fee that is set by the Government and that was normally …

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Sep 12 2016

Median House Prices March 2016

The median prices for Established Houses varied between $268,000 for Tasmania (excluding Hobart) and $825,000 for Sydney, NSW.
The Capital City median Established House prices varied between $356,500 Hobart, Tas. and $825,000 for Sydney, NSW.
The State Median Established House prices (excluding the Capital City) varied between $268,000 for Tasmania and $420,100 for Queensland.

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Sep 10 2016

Mortgage Payments and Interest Rates

With Interest Rates at record lows, many people are scrambling to buy houses, and take advantage of low mortgage repayments, but what happens when rates begin to normalise again?

With todays RBA Cash Rate of just 1.5%, it is possible to borrow money at around 4%. The repayment at that rate may seem reasonable, but, what if that monthly repayment doubles? How would you cope then?

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Sep 08 2016

Pool Fencing Laws in Australia

Australian Standard AS 1926.1: Fencing for Swimming Pools applies for all Swimming Pools in Australia.
However, individual States may also have some additional rules, to ensure compliance with the Standard.

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Sep 01 2016

Yomojo Mobile Phone in Australia

Yomojo Unlimited plans are available from $19.90 per month (September 2016) giving:
Unlimited Calls + Unlimited Texts + 1GB data

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Aug 30 2016

Renting a Property in Australia

Property Rentals in Australia A new option for renting a property in Australia is an Australian offshoot of rent.com You can use this company to check out properties by Postcode or suburb, with results showing how many bedrooms, bathrooms and car spaces, together with the address of most of the properties listed.  

Aug 25 2016

Woolworths Australia pulling out of Home Hardware market

Woolworths is pulling out of the Australian Home Hardware market Woolworths is closing its Masters stores, at a book- loss of $3.2 billion.  Financials have quoted it as a discontinued operation with a final post-tax $3.2 billion loss. Woolworths is selling its Home Timber and Hardware business to the group that owns the rival Mitre 10. Woolworths …

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Aug 25 2016

Woolworths Australia reports a record annual loss of A$1.23bn

Woolworths, Australia’s biggest supermarket chain, has reported a record annual loss of $1.23 billion
However, Woolworths appears to have actually made a profit of $0.6bn,

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Aug 22 2016

Woolworths Rewards Cards

Woolworth’s, one of Australia’s major supermarkets has amended its Rewards Cards and now offers points for purchases at Woolworths supermarkets, BWS and Caltex Woolworths co-branded fuel outlets

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Aug 20 2016

Minimum Wage 2016-2017

Minimum Wage 2016-2017 in Australia and UK Both Britain and Australia have a set minimum pay rate for employers to follow. Employers can of course pay higher, but can be prosecuted if they are found to be paying lower. UK Minimum Wage £7.20 per hour https://www.gov.uk/…/minimum-wage-rate-recommendations–2 For workers aged 25 and over, the Government is …

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Aug 18 2016

Price of Port in Australia

Port Wine Prices in Australia These prices were taken on 18th August 2016. They show the current price for bottles and casks of Port wine from one of the major Beer Wine and Spirit stores in Australia. Prices vary from between $5.50 per Litre for a cask of Golden Oak Australian Port Tawny Port Cask …

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Aug 14 2016

Credit Card Balances accruing Interest

There is often a lot of talk about Credit Card debt in Australia, and the figure being headlined in Newspaper Reports is often the total of all Credit Card Balances and not the real debt.
How many of us use a credit card to purchase most things, but pay the card off in full at the end of each month, without incurring interest?
Do we call that debt? Is Credit Card debt really $50,897 million or $32,383 million.

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Aug 13 2016

House Prices Brisbane August 2016 Update

Four Bedroom Houses from $248,000 to $616,000, and more.
Prices of Houses vary a lot based on…

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Aug 13 2016

Cost of Living In Australia August 2016 Update

The Cost of Living in Australia can be High or Low Many people say that the Cost of Living in Australia is very high, but exactly how high is it? The answer is not easy to say because we are all different.  It can be very high, expensive cars (Porsche  /Mercedes), eating out at the …

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