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There are many books about Australia, and"" and both have an excellent choice. Some of these are a must read for people wanting to find out more about Australia.

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household-crime-in-australia Victimisation Rates 2014

Crime in Australia 2012-2013 Victimisation Rates

Victimisation Rates in Australian Crime Statistics for 2012-2013 According to statistics shown at 239,700 Homes, Garages or Sheds were broken into during the 2012-13 year.  This is out of a total of 8,900,000 households. However, if the total break-ins includes sheds and garages, should the 8.9 million total properties be increased to include the number of …

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household-crime-in-australia Malicious damage 2014

Crime in Australia 2012-2013 Malicious Property Damage

Malicious Property Damage Rates in Australian Crime Statistics for 2012-2013 According to statistics, shown at, Queensland had the lowest rate of Malicious Property Damage in Australia, at 4.5%, while Western Australia had the Highest at 9.2%. This chart shows each State in Australia. Malicious Property Damage Rate by State 2012-2013 4.5% QLD Malicious Property Damage …

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Vodafone Popular Plans with Phone December 2014

Vodafone Mobile Phone and Plan Offers iPhone 6 16GB $60 Plan with 500MB Bonus Data, that’s 2.5GB Data Huawei Ascend Y550 4G $99 ($40 Starter Pack and 3mths Free Spotify) $30 per month Plans with Phone $30/mth Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S III $30/mth Smartphone HTC One $30/mth Smartphone Huawei Ascend G6

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Driving too Slow is an Offence

Driving too Slow is an Offence in many countries In Victoria, Australia, the police are issuing summons to drivers who crawl at “abnormally low speeds” and who are obstructing the path of other motorists. According to the Victoria State Highway Patrol “If you are going 50km/h down the Monash Freeway at 1am with no cars on the road it’s not …

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Interest rates in Australia – December 2014

Australian Interest rates Reserve Bank ‘Cash Rate’ Interest Rates 2nd December 2014: At its meeting today, the Board decided to leave the cash rate unchanged at 2.50 per cent. No Change since August 2013 to December 2014 2.50% August 2013 2.75% July 2013 2.75% June 2013 2.75% May 2013 3.00% April 2013 3.00% March 2013 …

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Engin – $50 Unlimited ADSL with Bonus Wi-fi Tablet

Engin – $50 Unlimited ADSL Plan with Bonus Wi-fi Tablet

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In Australia? British Passport Running out? Need to travel? No Time to Renew? Get it Extended instead.

If you’re living in Australia, you can apply to extend your British passport for 12 months. This covers Adult and Child passports, without any extra fees. Source: You can enter the UK with an extended passport. Other countries and territories that accept extended passports: You should check that the country or territory you’re travelling to …

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AUD-USD 6 Nov 2014

Nov 6th 2014: Special Update: Australian Dollar hits 4-year low

Special Update: Australian Dollar hits 4-year low AUD-USD There has been continued weakness in commodity prices and stronger than expected US private-sector jobs growth overnight combining to take the Australian dollar through critical support at the 0.8650 mark. The Aussie hit a four year low overnight of 0.8565 as the Greenback strengthened across the board. …

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Flight cost Comparisons: or

Flight cost Comparisons: Webjet or Jetstar I checked a Jetstar flight today on both and The price difference was very high: Same flight, date, time etc. $158.00 Two flights at $79.00 $  46.00 Baggage (25kg) 2 x $23 $204.00 Total AUD $158.00 Two flights at $79.00 $  46.00 Baggage (25kg) 2 …

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FX Rates GBP-AUD 2004-2014

FX Rates GBP-AUD 2004-2014

British Pound to the Australian Dollar Exchange Rates 2004 to 2014 In October 2004 the Value of the British Pound ranged between 2.445458 and 2.482235 Australian Dollars with an average of 2.465794. In October 2014 the Value of the British Pound ranged between 1.812251 and 1.862760 Australian Dollars with an average of 1.831185. In October …

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Australian Superannuation Co-contribution scheme

Australian Superannuation Co-contribution scheme The super co-contribution scheme is designed to assist eligible individuals to save for their retirement. If you are eligible and make personal super contributions during a financial year, the government will match your contribution with a super co-contribution up to certain limits. If you are a low or middle-income earner and …

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Low Income Superannuation Contribution

Australian Low income superannuation contribution [important]This has now been SUSPENDED following changes to the Minerals Resource Rent Tax Repeal and Other Measures Bills in September 2014 [/important] The low income superannuation contribution (LISC) is a superannuation contribution made on behalf of individuals with an adjusted taxable income (ATI) of $37,000 or less in an income …

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Super Guarantee Law 2014 small

Australian Compulsory Superannuation Rates from 2014

Australian Compulsory Superannuation Rates from 2014 The minimum Superannuation contribution from your Employer rose to 9.50% from July 2014. The majority of Workers in Australia, have had individual Superannuation schemes since 1992 when the Compulsory Superannuation Scheme was first set up, with a rate of 3%. This changed to 9% in 2012. This is an EMPLOYER …

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Gross Disposable Australian Household Income rises by 58% from 2004 to 2012

The average gross disposable income of Australian households grew 58 per cent in the eight year period between 2003-04 to 2011-12, according to figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). The following shows that prime growth area was in the 35-44 age group where the prime earner paid about $26,000 tax in the 2011-12 financial …

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Average Hourly Wage rates rise by 2.60% from June 2013 to June 2014

Average Australian Hourly Wage rates rise by 2.60% in the year to June 2014 According to the ABS 6345.0 – Labour Price Index, the increase in the trend wage index through the year to June quarter 2010 for all employee jobs in Australia was 2.60%. Employees in the Public Sector averaged 2.90% Employees in the …

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Average Wage in Australia

Average Wages in Australia 1998 to 2014 The average wage in Australia for a MALE working FULL TIME is now $1,649 per week, or $85,779 per year. This is a 2.8% increase during the previous 12 months. Full time Females average 78% of the Male rate, at $1,292 per week.  The Average wage is NOT …

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Unemployment Rates Australia and England

Unemployment Rates Australia and England [important] Updates to Unemployment Rates in Sept 2014 6.1% Australia – Sept 2014 (source) 8.93% Tasmania and 3.49% ACT. 6.2% UK – Aug 2014 (source) North East (9.3%) and South West (4.6%). [/important]   2014 Update: United Kingdom: Unemployment fell by 154,000 to below 1.97 million in the three months …

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Hotel Accommodation in Brisbane

Hotel Accommodation in Brisbane Hotels in Brisbane CBD, Hotels in Brisbane CBD, Hotels in Greater Brisbane QLD, Hotels in Greater Brisbane QLD, Hotels in Annerley, Brisbane Hotels in Ascot, Brisbane Hotels in Ashgrove, Brisbane Hotels in Bowen Hills, Brisbane Hotels in Brisbane South, Brisbane Hotels in Brookfield, Brisbane Hotels in Carindale, Brisbane Hotels in Carseldine, …

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Australian Unemployment Rate for September 2014 is 6.1 per cent

Australian Unemployment Rate for September 2014 is 6.1 per cent Australia’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate increased 0.1 percentage points to 6.1 per cent in September 2014, as announced by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) This varied from 9.2% for Males in Tasmania down to 3.31% for Males in the Australian Capital Territory (Canberra) The …

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Webjet Hotels

Webjet Hotels Australia and New Zealand’s leading online travel agency, Webjet leads the way in online travel tools and technology. Webjet enables customers to compare, combine and book the best domestic and international travel flight deals, hotel accommodation, holiday package deals, travel insurance and car hire worldwide. $50 Off Your Hotel Booking with Minimum Spend …

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