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Need a Visa for Australia ?

Not sure which visa to apply for ? The Australian Government immigration website now has the FIND A VISA WIZARD at: Answer the questions and the wizard will point you in the right direction…

Immigration Rule Changes

Updates and changes can be seen at:

Books about Australia

There are many books about Australia, and"" and both have an excellent choice. Some of these are a must read for people wanting to find out more about Australia.

For Books with Free Delivery to Australia: BookDepository UK and USA

Telechoice Mobile Phone Plans

Two Mobile Phone Plans from Telechoice Australia Both with 12 month contract or Month to Month The $39 Live Global (12 month Contract) or $45 Live Flexi (month to month) plans inclusion: Telstra 3G Plus Mobile Network – $2,000 Calls – 3GB Data – National & International Calls, SMS & MMS plus voicemail, 1300 & …

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iPhone from Vodafone April 2015

Vodafone pricing update – 10th April 2015 The following price changes from Vodafone are made effective from 10th April 2015. MODEL NEW PRICE IPHONE 6 16GB  $9 on $80 plan IPHONE 6 128GB  $21 on $80 plan IPHONE 6 PLUS 16GB  $14 on $80 plan IPHONE 6 PLUS 128GB  $27 on $80 plan

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Sydney or London, which has the cheapest cost of living

Comparative Cost of Living between London and Sydney, comparing costs to Average Income after tax Using data from, for the two cities of Sydney and London in March 2015, we compared each Cities costs to the Average after tax Income for each city, and calculated which items were cheaper, as a percentage of the …

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457 Visa Can I get Child Care Benefits Backdated once I have PR

A question that is often asked relates to getting Family Tax Benefits on the 457 Visa The question for this topic relates specifically to getting the Family Tax Benefits [FTB] (Child Benefits) backdated once a person gets Permanent Residency [PR] granted. The answer in general is NO. FTB payment is from the date you receive PR. Another …

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BBC looking for expat British families for brand new pilot game show.

BBC looking for expat British families for brand new pilot game show. My name is Sam and I am a television researcher for 12 Yard Productions. I know it is a bit of an obscure ask but I am on the look out for British families who have emigrated to Australia to take part in …

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Indefinite Australian Re Entry Visa

Emailed Question: I am a travel agent and have a client with British Passport. he has a re entry visa into Aust. indefinitely but he has recently had to renew his passport.  does he have to apply for a new re entry visa for his new passport or can he just carry his expiry passport …

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Allsorts of Sweets – Gold Coast

Allsorts of Sweets on the Gold Coast Allsorts of Sweets Paradise Shopping Centre (under the big guitar at Hard Rock) Cavill Mall Surfers Paradise Queensland Contact: Tel: 07 5592 6559 Web: Information: x

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Poverty Line in Australia now $43,711 per year for Household

Poverty Line in Australia now $43,711 per year for couple with 2 children. From the Australian Bureau of Statistics figures for 2012: To be considered “below the poverty line”, the incomes must be BELOW: $840.60 per week: Couple with 2 children $43,711 per year $640.40 per week: Lone parent with 2 children $33,301 per year …

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2015 Queensland State Election Result

Queensland 2015 State Election Result: FINAL

The Final Results for the 2015 Queensland State Election With 2,679,874 votes submitted, and the Australian Labor Party (ALP) getting 37.47% of the Primary vote, they appear to have won 49.44% of the seats available. The Liberal National Party (LNP) with 41.32% of the primary vote, get only 47.19% of the seats. The remaining parties, with …

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Valentines Day

Don’t forget Valentines Day… – Cards – Flowers

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Help with a British passport

Hello. I am hoping for some some help or guidance in a mater. I am applying for my first British passport. It has been declined because both my GPs, who are the only people I have known for the 2 years required feel it is an invasion of there privacy, Supplying a colour copy of …

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2015 QLD Election Seats by Primary Vote

2015 Queensland Election Results at Noon 1st Feb 2015

Queensland Election results for the 2015 State Election  With the LNP getting a  majority of Votes from Queensland voters, how does ALP win the election? Primary Votes: 856,169 LNP 795,246 Australian Labor Party 174,001 The Greens 103,769 Palmer United Party 37,545 Katter’s Australian Party 24,424 Family First Party 19,795 One Nation 77,248 Other Candidates Votes …

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Sending International SMS or Text message from Australia

Sending International SMS or Text message from Australia To send a message to an International number you need to +CountryCode before the number, and remove the leading zero. eg: Using the Mobile number of 0414 141 414  0414141414 would need to be entered as ‘+441414141414′ using the country code of +44 for UK The + sign …

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Labor leader admits drink-driving convictions

Labor leader Luke Foley admits drink-driving convictions Mr Foley, the NSW State Labor Party leader has admitted the offences to News Corp, saying he was caught by random breath tests, once at age 23 in 1993, and again in 2007. 1993 Mr Foley said he blew about .07 after leaving a party and his licence …

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Cadbury Creme Egg: Changes to chocolate taste

Cadbury Creme Egg A Cadbury Creme Egg is a chocolate product produced in the shape of an egg. The product consists of a thick milk chocolate shell, housing a white and yellow fondant filling which mimics the albumen and yolk of a real egg. Cadbury Creme Egg recipe change angers chocolate lovers January 13, 2015 …

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Adelaide New Years Eve Fireworks 31st December 2014

Adelaide New Years Eve Fireworks 2014/2015 Adelaide city with have two fireworks displays on 31st December 2015. The first at 9:00pm will last for about 10 minutes, whilst the Midnight one should last about 15 minutes. The Adelaide city fireworks display will be set off from Torrens footbridge for first time.

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Perth New Years Eve Fireworks 31st December 2014

Brisbane New Years Eve Fireworks 2014/2015 Perth and the vibrant suburb of Northbridge will be hosting a New Years Eve spectacular, an outdoor event that starts at 6:00pm featuring live music on 3 stages, acrobats, dancing and more, all the way up until the 2015 countdown.

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Brisbane New Years Eve Fireworks 31st December 2014

Brisbane New Years Eve Fireworks 2014/2015 The Brisbane New Years Eve fireworks weigh 5 tonnes and are made up of around 30,000 pyrotechnic effects, fired off from 3 barges and 3 city rooftops during both displays. In addition, the Story Bridge also acts as a special centerpiece on New Years Eve, sparkling with countless bright …

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Sydney New Years Eve Fireworks 31st December 2014

Sydney New Years Eve Fireworks 2014/2015   The Sydney New Years Eve fireworks weigh 7 tonnes and are made up of around 11,000 shells, 100,000 pyrotechnic effects and 25,000 shooting comets. There will be THREE firework displays: 9:00pm, 10:40pm and midnight. The new 10:30 event is called “the Inspire Moment” and will be a 90 …

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More than 62,000 people living illegally in Australia, with Britain FOURTH highest.

Britain has the FOURTH highest number of Illegal Overstayers in Australia, Britain is 4th behind China, Malaysia and the USA according to Australia’s Migration Trends 2012–13 report. Australian Visitor Visa Overstayers by number in 2013 7,690 People’s Republic of China. DOWN -4.71% compared to 2011 6,420 Malaysia. UP   50.70% compared to 2011 5,220 United States of …

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