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Need a Visa for Australia ?

Not sure which visa to apply for ? The Australian Government immigration website now has the FIND A VISA WIZARD at: Answer the questions and the wizard will point you in the right direction…

Immigration Rule Changes

Updates and changes can be seen at:

Books about Australia

There are many books about Australia, and"" and both have an excellent choice. Some of these are a must read for people wanting to find out more about Australia.

For Books with Free Delivery to Australia: BookDepository UK and USA

Australian Aged Pension Rates 2014

Australian Aged Pension Rates 2014 The Australian Aged Pension was increased on 20th March 2014, and the new FORTNIGHTLY  rates are now: SINGLE PERSON $766.00 Base $ 62.90 Supplement $ 13.90 Clean Energy Supplement $842.80 Total This is an Increase of $15.70 per fortnight COUPLE (each) $577.40 Base $ 47.40 Supplement $ 10.50 Clean Energy …

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Income Tax Rates 2015-2016

Income Tax in Australia 2015 – 2016 2015-2016 Tax Rates for Earners classed as Tax-Resident Taxable income Tax on this income 0 – $18,200 Nil $18,201 – $37,000 19c for each $1 over $18,200 $37,001 – $80,000 $3,572 plus 33c for each $1 over $37,000 $80,001 – $180,000 $17,762 plus 37c for each $1 over …

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Avis Win a Nissan Altima ST

Avis Nissan Altima competition

It may be worth trying if you need to rent a car now.. and get one FREE The Avis “Win a Nissan Altima ST campaign” is valid for rentals until the end of May 2014.

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ITV: British in Australia

We are looking at the traditions British people living or visiting Australia bring here from the UK.. eg: What is a pommy Christmas here like?? What traditions are carried out under Australian summer sun? If you know people who might have some stories (especially surprising, quirky ones) about bringing British life to Oz, I would …

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Salary Sacrifice and Compulsory Super

Salary Sacrifice and Compulsory Super Compulsory Super is the 9.5% (from July 2014) that an employer must pay you on top of your taxable wages. Salary Sacrifice can cover among other things, a contribution to your own Super. Add the TWO together and you may create a problem, but this depends on the Employer. Note …

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Unemployment Rates per Australian State Feb 2014

Unemployment Rate for February 2014 is 6.0 per cent

Australian Unemployment Rate for February 2014 The unemployment rate for February 2014 varied between 3.4% and 8% depending on what State you lived in and what Sex you are. The 3.4% Unemployment rate is for Males or Females in ACT. The 8.0% Unemployment rate is for Males in Tasmania. Full Time Employment INCREASED by 80,500 …

Read more I always thought that webjet only did flights, but I saw today that they also do car Rental and hotel bookings..

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OECD Hourly Earnings Index

A report produced by the OECD shows an index of changes in the Hourly Earnings from 2010. These figures show the change using a base index of 100 in 2010   Index  2013 Quarter 4 114.6 Australia 104.1 Canada 114.9 Czech Republic 106.1 Denmark 108 Finland 127.5 Hungary 102 Ireland 111.2 Israel 107.4 Italy 123.7 …

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One in 10 Australians say they cannot afford to buy enough food..

A report from the Guardian newspaper states that “One in 10 Australians say they cannot afford to buy enough food..”  and that “Relative poverty in Australia is higher than the OECD average”. How accurate is this and what does it mean ? The OECD’s Society At A Glance report revealed that 14.4% of Australians live on less …

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Australians have 4th highest Disposable Income in the world

According to the OECD, Australians have the 4th highest disposable Income in the world AND the 3rd highest average wage. Disposable Income: 2012 USD  Full Time     Disposable Income Country 1  $                      38,753  United States 2  $                      38,210  Ireland 3  $                      33,373  Luxembourg 4  $                      33,319  Australia 5  $                      32,066  Switzerland 6  $                      31,501  Canada 7 …

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Top 25 World Beaches in 2014 – UK and Australia take FOUR places

In the Tripadvisor list of the top 25 beaches in the World for 2014, Australia and the UK took FOUR of the 25 places. These positions were: 5: Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Islands, Queensland, Australia 9: Rhossili Bay, Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom 20: Turquoise Bay, Exmouth, Western Australia 22: Cable Beach, Broome, Western Australia   The Full …

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Drink Driving and Random Breath Tests

The Queensland Police Service announced the Central Region Road Safety Week as part of its ongoing efforts to help reduce the road toll. On Day Two Road Safety Week there were 2,477 Random Breath Tests [RBT] carried out, with the following results: 9 Drink Driving Offences 6 Drug Driving offences 693 other Traffic Infringement Notices issued. An interesting …

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Marks and Spencers

Marks and Spencer Free Shipping to Australia

Marks and Spencer Free Shipping to Australia

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Australia Exclusive Marks and Spencer

Marks & Spencer Free Delivery in Australia and New Zealand

Marks & Spencer New coupon codes for free delivery to Australia and New Zealand AUDELIVERY NZDELIVERY Marks & Spencer

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Re-entry visa expiry

Question: I am a permanent resident of 50 years in Australia and I am going overseas in April 2014. My re-entry visa expires in June 2014. Is there a requirement to have 6 months left on the visa or am I okay to leave and come back in on current visa. It is a short …

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Online Shopping in Australia

Online shopping has increased in popularity and usage over the last few years in Australia.  When I first arrived it was virtually unheard of, and was way behind the UK, even once it did get going properly. But now, it seems to be gaining ground very fast. A few examples: Birdmotel is an online clothing …

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Holiday Booking Agents in Australia

A selection of Holiday Booking Agents in Australia Expedia – Early Bird Flights to Europe Hotels in Australia Hotels in United Kingdom  

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Mobile Broadband Providers in Australia

A selection of Mobile Broadband service providers in Australia Amaysim – Mobile Broadband Dodo Unlimited BroadBand Vodafone Mobile Broadband – Contract Vodafone Mobile Broadband (Prepaid)

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Woolworths Insurance

Insurance in Australia

Pet Insurance Woolworths Pet Insurance 1300 Insurance Car Insurance Woolworths Car Insurance Home Insurance Woolworths Home Insurance Travel Insurance Woolworths Travel Insurance Insure and Go Cover-More Travel

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Woolworths Pet Insurance

Woolworths have entered the Insurance arena, and now offer Pet Insurance along with Home, Car and Travel Get a Quotation at: Woolworths Pet Insurance

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