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If this image is displayed on the Right, then we have an advertising slot available, and the prices are displayed below.

Payment can be made by Credit card, with or without a Paypal Account.

1 Month $12.00
3 Month $30.00
6 Month $56.00
12 Month $100.00

After payment is made please email a link to your 125×125 image, and the URL that you wish all clicks to be diverted to.

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    Accommodation Page Advertising on Britzinoz

    1: $20 per year listing
    An entry on the relevant State Furnished Accommodation page, with a photograph and short details of your property and a link to your website. This is designed for individual small property owners, and is charged at A$ 20 per property, per year.

    • Single Accommodation banner $20 for 12 months

    2: Additional $ 30 per year to the above
    If you do not have your own website, for directing the above links to, we are able to host your full property details on a specific full page on our own site. This will be a full web page dedicated to your property, with no other advertising.
    The total charge for this would become $50. ie: the $20 for the photo entry on the State page + $30 for the specific full page for your property

    • Accommodation banner and page $50 for 12 months

    This full page can be re-designed totally for you, removing all Britzinoz references etc, if required, but additional time charges would apply for this.

    3: Holiday Home Agencies Advertising
    We are able to offer a 125×125 banner advert on any of the State Accommodation pages for a charge of $150 per year. This banner will appear on the right hand column of the Holiday Home Agencies section.
    Only one advertiser will be allowed at a time.

    • 125×125 Side Bar Box $150 for 12 months


    We reserve the right to reject any advertising that we deem unsuitable for our website.