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4 thoughts on “Readers Questions”

  1. ABCDiamond,
    followed your advice and last week the RRV was authorised, but better than that, we have a date for the Citizens Test in Perth, Happy Days. Many thanks for your advice, all went without a hitch.

  2. Anyone completed a form 1085, pretty straight forward except from Q 21 onwards, if your not a Norfolk Islander I guess you ignore Q 22 – 26, Q27 ok, but at the bottom it states Now go to Part C, stupid question , but does this mean we ignore Q28 onwards ?

    1. I just looked at this, and it can look confusing. However, I would go from 21 through to 23, then jump to 26. That then takes you to either 27 or 28.
      Bottom line is you only answer one of 27 or 28.

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