Moving to Canberra.

I’ve been offered a printing job with sponsorship in Canberra. They have offered me a starting salary of $900 per week. Could anyone advise me whether this is a good/bad wage. I’ll be coming over on my own at first. with my family following in about 6 month’s. So i’ll need to pay for myself to live in Canberra but also send about £100 per week home for my family.

I would like some advice as to whether this is possible. I’ve had lots of different advice. But not off anyone living in Australia. I’ve had a look at this site and the cost of living Canberra looks to be about the same if not a bit more expensive than the Midlands.

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I agree with Gerard. $900 is a low wage for a migrant to move over here for.
If you own your own accommodation, (no mortgage) then it is OK.
If you are used to living a budget life, then it is also OK, and many people do live on that or lower.

But it does depend on your needs and expectations. I could easily live on $900pw, in fact I would love to be getting $900 pw 😉 But I do have a mortgage free house, so one massive cost is removed.)
My ex wife though, could never live on such a low income…

With Canberra specifically, a recent report has shown that rentals have dropped in Canberra to $450pw for units and $480 for houses. I am not sure if that refers to just Canberra centre or includes the surrounding suburbs.

If it is just you to begin, the maybe something like to start with:

$250 to $280 per week
Room available with Own bathroom
Room available with large built-in wardrobe and its own adjoining bathroom and private patio.The bedroom is furnished

There are a few 1 bed places for around $250pw.
For the future though, if looking at the Braddon area of Canberra, the property purchase prices are:

Postcode 2612 Braddon
Trends –
Houses – Median Price $863,000
Units – Median Price $430,000

Hi I’m back again, average weekly wage in Canberra is 1554 dolars a week. Average rent for an average family house is 450 a week. 900 is a low end wage.

900 dollars is a poor wage in Australia, while Canberra is cheaper than say Melbourne Sydney or Perth it is still expensive when compared to UK. You certainly will not b able to afford to keep a family on that kind of money. be careful that you don’t walk into the poverty trap. Even waiters in good restuarants and assistants in the top retail stores make more than 900 a week. My son who works and lives in a bush town earns 1500 gross a week and my daughter in Melborne earns 1100 a week and still find that every cent is needed just to live a decent life.. Be careful.

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