Help with a British passport

Hello. I am hoping for some some help or guidance in a mater.

I am applying for my first British passport.

It has been declined because both my GPs, who are the only people I have known for the 2 years required feel it is an invasion of there privacy, Supplying a colour copy of there passports and them getting posted to another country.. Which I totally agree with.

I was born in Scotland in 1971 and migrated here in 1984..

I have sent my birth certificate, mothers old passport that I was named on when me migrated. Colour copies of drivers licence, proof of address. All stat decs.They are sticking to there gun’s saying the person who countersigns must supply a colour copy of there passport..I am at a loss.

I am a British citizen and can’t get an ounce of help from them.

Anything you could recommend or if you know of anyone who is knowledgable in law or can pass on a telephone number would be really appreciated. I am on a disability pension and have limited funds. I have already paid for the passport and 2 lots of photo’s and registered mail. They will not refund my $300 if I can’t proceed.



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