457 Visa Can I get Child Care Benefits Backdated once I have PR

A question that is often asked relates to getting Family Tax Benefits on the 457 Visa

The question for this topic relates specifically to getting the Family Tax Benefits [FTB] (Child Benefits) backdated once a person gets Permanent Residency [PR] granted.

The answer in general is NO. FTB payment is from the date you receive PR.

Another question is; can you claim FTB for the full tax year during which you obtained PR.

The answer to this may be slightly different:

Some have said they did get it, but others say only from the date that they obtained PR.

My view is that the answer depends on how they filled in the relevant forms, as one question does specifically ask: What is the date you first arrived in Australia if you were not born in Australia?

I am aware that many claims can be made incorrectly, and paid, but repayment is required when the claim is found to be incorrect.

However, be aware that if your income goes over the thresholds for the entire year, Full or Partial repayment of FTB payments is normally required, and will normally be taken back via your tax return.

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