Resident Return visa (RRV) Form 1085

Question 27 on Form 1085 Resident Return Visa

After answering Q21, Q22 and Q23, most people will jump to Q26, then skip Q27 going to Q28 and Q29, and then jump to Q42 in part C.

Question 27 on Form 1085 Resident Return Visa

Q: Anyone completed a form 1085, pretty straight forward except from Q 21 onwards, if your not a Norfolk Islander I guess you ignore Q 22 – 26, Q27 ok, but at the bottom it states Now go to Part C, stupid question, but does this mean we ignore Q28 onwards ?

A: I just looked at this, and it can look confusing. The bit with the heading for Norfolk Islanders does make it appear that we would ignore it, but we don’t.

I would go from Question 21 through to 23, then jump to 26. That then takes you to either 27 or 28.  Question 27 is only for Norfolk Islanders, so we go to Question 28, which then goes to Q 29.
If you have been present in Australia as a permanent resident or Australian citizen for periods totalling at least 2 years in the last 5 years, then you skip the rest and go to Part C, which is Question 42.


Download Link for the RRV Application Form 1085 is:

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