Dec 20 2016

Education Costs for 457 Visa Holders in NSW

NSW State Education Fees for Children of Parents on 457 Visas.

The 2016 Education Fee rate for a 12 month period (40 school weeks) of enrolment is:

$5,000 Years K – 6 Primary School
$5,000 Years 7 – 10 Junior High School
$6,000 Years 11 – 12 Senior High School

This relates to temporary residents but excludes visitor visas & dependants of international students.

A non-refundable Administration Fee of $110.00 is required for each fee liable student for the initial enrolment.

A fee exemption scheme provides assistance to low income families who are unable to pay the Temporary Residents Program Education Fees. Individual applications for an exemption based on low income must be submitted in writing to the Temporary Residents Program. All applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Source: http://www.detinternational.nsw.edu.au/media-assets/trp/fees.pdf

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