Cleaning your Ceiling Fans ?

Cleaning fan Covers

Cleaning the blades on ceiling fans on a regular basis helps avoid damage to the blade, and unsightly rust on the metal ones, and wear on the painted wooden ones.

This may be an interesting option, so easy but so long before someone thought about it..

Put covers on the blades, just like pillow cases to protect your pillows…

No more cleaning!!!

The idea of slipping a transparent disposable fabric elastic fabric sleeve over the fan blades was actually developed in about 1996. I had never heard of this until today.

Ideally, every new fan should have a set of Pirrella Fansleeves to go with it, as with Pirrella Fan Sleeves on a new fan, you will always have a clean fan and protection for the leading edges of your fan.

* A positive clean upper and under surface of fan blade (Top surface usually not sighted by cleaners or supervisors)
* Reduces the time to “clean” the fan blades ( sleeves can be slipped on and off very quickly)
* Greatly reduces the the work-up time to clean fans.
* Eliminates cleaning equipment e.g. buckets and detergent, spray packs, rags etc
* Increased safety and health risk e.g. less time on a ladder or reduces lumbar stress if a pole cleaning device is used.
* No fallout from fan-blade e.g. invert sleeve during removal – this action contains matter collected on sleeves
* Reduces replacement time of fans as sleeves help to protect the leading edges from deterioration and overall abrasive exposure to conventional cleaning methods.

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