A number of people have asked how they can donate something to me for my help, so I decided to set up a Paypal account for this purpose, easing than giving out bank details each time.

So if anyone wants to send me any money at all, then please free… using this Paypal Donate button:

  • A$5.00 Donation
  • A$10.00 Donation

This feels weird, as I originally had no intention of doing any of this for payment, and just added Google Adverts to help cover the site running costs.

But I do feel pleased that some people have felt that my help has been worth enough to warrant wanting to repay me in some way.

The first £5 that I received, really made my day, and I was smiling for weeks about it.

Someone then said that it wasn’t much more than the cost of a thank you card, and that made me think…

Thank you to everyone that has thanked me in any way.

My best regards


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  • Accommodation Special $20.00
  • Accommodation with Page $50.00
  • Section Banner $300.00
  • Front page Link $500.00
  • Text Link $20.00
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