Hello world!

11:30 am 29th May 2011
I now need to edit each post, to ensure that the index linking is correct, and then delete the ZD headers option, that stuffs up some of the pages in the header.

11:00am 29th May 2011
I’ve been playing around with various parts of the site today, some changes made it worse, others fixed it up. I’ve just got the header image fixed, although I will change it again later for a better quality image. (Done at 11:26am function.php from 198 to 93)

2:30 pm 28th May 2011
Not too bad. I think the pages are all linking to the menus.
I need to get that menu a bit better, and will do later. But I realised one thing that made things a bit more difficult than I expected. I set up the data for the new site on version 3.1, but the new site is version 3.2…
I have two choices, drop back to version 3.1, or keep on 3.2 and update/change as I go along. I’ll take the second option as I am so far into it.

1:30 pm 28th May 2011
Categories now sorted, and the menu is partially done, but needs to be adjusted slightly, for better viewing.

1:00 pm 28th May 2011
We just uploaded all pages, and posts.
Page Indexes now need some modifications, as the category numbers changed on import.
Consequently, you may look at the finance index but get a list of employment pages…

12:30 pm 28th May 2011
We are just about to change and upload the new pages, following the revision…

Come back very soon…

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