Mobile Phone Providers in Australia

Mobile Phone Providers in Australia

Australian Mobile Phone Providers

It is commonly known that the Telstra Mobile Phone system has the best reputation for mobile phone coverage in Australia.

They also have one of the highest prices, along with a customer service reputation that often converts their name to Hellstra, instead of Telstra.

Most Mobile phone services are operated through one of these main services:

Vodafone Australia

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Catch Connect Mobile

These three companies operate their own mobile phone systems and cell towers in Australia.

Almost all the other providers use one of the above services as a backbone to their own plans, often at a cheaper price than those major ones.

Some of the common smaller providers include:

  • ALDI Mobile Powered by Telstra
  • Amaysim Powered by Optus
  • Dodo Powered by Optus (Dodo 4G is powered by the Optus 4G network)
  • GoTalk Powered by Vodafone
  • iPrimus Powered by Optus
  • Reward mobile Powered by Vodafone
  • Savvytel Powered by Optus
  • TPG Powered by Optus
  • Virgin Powered by Optus


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