Aug 30 2011

Average Household Income in Australia 2009-10

The average Income of Australian households can obviously vary between very high (Australian Bank CEO’s) and very low (Homeless people), however a few figures have been released for 2009-10 by the ABS.

Gross household income 2009-10

Groups Median Mean
Lowest 20% $852 $1,026
Next Lowest 20% $1,215 $1,462
Middle 20% $1,439 $1,586
Next Highest 20% $1,493 $1,699
Highest 20% $2,028 $2,665
Overall Median $1,320 $1,688

** These figures look suspect to me, and will be checked later, the overall median should be in the middle group.

It does appear that the middle 60% of household incomes are not that far apart, with  a median of between $1,215 and $1,493.

The lowest group are quoted as being families that exist on government benefits, are in government housing, or are single income households.

Source: ABS 6523.0 – Household Income and Income Distribution, Australia, 2009-10 (Weekly)

Median Average = All values divided by the number of Households.
Mean Average = The middle point value where 50% of the others are above that point, and 50% are below.

From the ABS Media Release:

In the 12 months to June 2010, Australian households spent an average of $1,236 each week on goods and services. This is an increase of 38% since the previous survey which was conducted in 2003-04.

Part of this increase can be attributed to inflation – over the five years since the previous survey, the price of goods and services, as measured by the consumer price index (CPI), rose by 19%.

Over the same period, the mean gross household income per week increased by 50% and the average household size increased from 2.53 to 2.57 people.

1 - 1,630

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  1. angela sands

    These figures are weekly income? Or fortnightly? What is the median household or family income in Australia?

    1. ABCDiamond

      I have updated the post to confirm it was weekly.

      The Overall Household Median income according to the ABS figures appears to be $1,320 per week.

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