Jul 08 2010

Little Britain in the Sun, Coomera, Qld, 4209

Little Britain in the Sun

Qld 4209


Tel: 07 5580 1882
Mob: 0450 333 071


Little Britain in the Sun has reached the end of their property lease at Fortune Street, Coomera.
They will continue, online only, until they find a suitable new location.

English Premier League Football shirts and merchandise, chocolates, traditional sweets, crisps and groceries.

1 - 1,261

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  1. Chris

    Do you stock “Homepride Curry Sauce & how much per jar?

  2. Barbara

    Looking for weetabix…..not auzzie weetbix

  3. Sylvana Blott

    Hi there,
    Can you tell me where you have moved to,
    Thanks, Sylvana

  4. Kent

    Do you have the Birds Strawberry/Raspberry Trifle Mix?

  5. Adele

    Do you stock Primula cheese and ham spread?

  6. Peggy

    I’ve been searching the Gold Coast for an outlet that sells McSweeny Vegetarian Haggis. Too late now for Burns Night but wondering if you stock? Also, Diet Irn Bru.

  7. Wyn

    Looking for Hot Water Bottle cover…do you stock them

  8. Tracy

    I am desperately trying to buy a dozen bottles of Ty Nant Welsh mineral water, in the beautiful blue glass bottles, preferably still but sparkling is fine if it is in the blue glass bottles. 
    Can you please help me.
    Kind regards
    Tracy George 

  9. Tania feveyear

    I have just found out about your shop and I’m so excited to visit. Are you open on weekends and if so, what time . I left the UK ten months ago and I miss so many foods

  10. margaret waller

    have you moved to another location ??

  11. Amber Horan

    heyy.. do u sell any one direction merchandise at all??

  12. Col

    Hi do u sell Baxter’s lobster bisque?

  13. Judy

    Hi, do you sell Mr Porky Pork (pork scratchings/rinds) I had them in New Zealand and on research found they come from UK……but can’t buy them in Australia.

  14. Jen

    Hi guys, do you sell potato scones? I miss them very much. Jenny

  15. hayley

    hi just wondering if you sell ready brek and minstrels.

    thanks hayley

  16. Martin

    yeah hi do you stock english Rugby League as opposed to rugby union tops as these seem impossible to get in Australia.thank you

  17. L Hardwick


    Do you stock Kelloggs Coco Shreddies at all?


  18. Haydn

    Hi, do you stock McVitties Jaffa Cakes?

  19. Tracie

    Hi Dave,

    We do stock proper jelly (the squidgy type not crystals) it is one of our usual lines. Why not come in and have a look you may be surprised at what we have.

    If not you can always find us on facebook/little britain in the sun, have a look at the photos(all)and you will be able to view our products!

  20. George d

    I’m trying to buy Shreddies inAustralia. Do you stock them?

    Thank you,

  21. dave

    hi Tracie
    im wondering if you are going to get proper jelly cubes as i like to eat it raw, and you can only get crystals here. my parents sent me some but it costs around 10 quid to send 5 packets which cost 50 pence each

  22. Tracie

    Hi Jan

    I sold out of the sandwich flags during the Royal Wedding week but I will get some more stock in very soon, we do have St George flags, bunting, napkins, paper plates etc in stock now but will get more in the Union Jack too. We also have union jack balloons and tea towels now too. Hope to see you soon.

  23. Tracie

    Hi Wyn,

    We have the Royal Wedding memorabilia back in stock now.

  24. jan winton

    Hi. I am looking for union Jack flag toothpicks for an activity event for the Nursing Home where I work. We are celebrating Queens Elizabeth’s 85th birthday next month.
    Thanks Jan

  25. Wyn Williams

    Came in and spoke to you last Tuesday…looking for Kate and Williams Wedding Day souveniers…Will be back in when you have more stock in

  26. Deana

    Hi want to have a bit of a party for the royal wedding on friday wondering do you have anything like bunting and flags etc also work at a kindy and want to have a royal wedding day – show these aussie’s how we brits do it so wanted to decorate my kindy room a bit if you could get back to me would be grateful – Deana

  27. Beth

    Hi My brother is after tins of lentil soup .Do you have any.

  28. Tracie

    Yes, we stock Crosse and Blackwell picalilli, Heinz and Haywards picalilli too.

  29. Pat Finn

    Do you stock Crosse and Blackwell Piccalli?

  30. Tracie

    We stock pork pies, sausages, scotch eggs, black pudding, cornish pasties etc alongside all your old favourites from the UK – sweets, crisps, chocolates, pot noodles etc

  31. simon

    can you tell me where i can buy proper english pork pies hacelet and peloney…….thanks

  32. Ingrid Smith

    I am wanting to buy some English Soccer shirts. Can you tell me where & how I can buy them.

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