Australian Internet Broadband speeds

Australian Internet Broadband speeds

June 2010

  • 22.57% BroadBand under 1.5Mbs
  • 77.43% BroadBand 1.5Mbs and above
  • 36.9% of all Broadband is 8Mbs or higher

June 2009

  • 34.80% BroadBand under 1.5Mbs
  • 65.20% BroadBand 1.5Mbs and above
  • 30.60% of all Broadband is 8Mbs or higher

December 2008

  • 39.6% BroadBand under 1.5Mbs
  • 60.4% BroadBand 1.5Mbs and above
  • 30.3% of all Broadband is 8Mbs or higher

December 2007

  • 51.7% BroadBand under 1.5Mbs
  • 48.3% BroadBand 1.5Mbs and above
  • 28.2% of all Broadband is 8Mbs or higher


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How Internet speeds compare in Australia

I am on a slowish connection, compared to what is available these days, being on the older ADSL, and I took a speed test at during May 2009.

My results were low, compared to the rest of Queensland, and are shown here:

The World average is shown as 4.95Mb/s
Australia is 4.69Mb/s and
Queensland is 4.21Mb/s

Get your speed rated at

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