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Just the other say someone mentioned to me that Australia does not have any BOGOF offers in the supermarkets.  They were used to the Buy One Get One Free offers, and didn’t understand why Australia did not do them.

I remembered it when looking at the Woolworths catalogue this week, and noticed that Woolworths seem to do Half Price offers instead:

This week includes the following Half Price offers which is equal to BOGOF, but without having to get two of them:

  • $1.45 $2.90 Duo Laundry powder 500gm
  • $1.49 $2.99 Doritos 200gm
  • $3.99 $7.99 Kirks Soft Drinks 10 pack
  • $3.99 $7.99 Kraft Peanut Butter 780gm
  • $27.00 $55.98 Vittoria Ground Coffee 1kg
  • $7.49 $14.99 Natures Way Fish Oil 200pk
  • $2.39 $4.79 Burgen Bread 700-730gm
  • $1.80 $3.60 Chocolate Donuts 6pk
  • $1.99 $3.99 Bertolli Spread 500gm
  • $3.14 $6.29 Papa Giuseppi’s Family Pizza 485gm
  • $2.99 $5.99 Peters Chocolate Wedge Ice Creams 8pk
  • $11.49 $22.98 Pitted Greek Kalamata Olives 1kg

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