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A comparison between the two major supermarkets in each country, Woolworths in Australia/NZ and Tesco in the UK.

The following figures are an indication of comparisons taken from the 2009 and 2010 Annual reports of each company. Due to the nature of these reports, 100% accuracy cannot be confirmed.

Tesco Woolworths Tesco in A$
Number of Employees 288,000 191,000
Number of Stores 2,482 3,162
Sales (millions) £38,550 $49,595 $77,100
Gross Profit (millions) £2,400 $2,626 $4,800
GP % 6.23% 5.29%
Employees per store 116 60
Sales per Store £15,531,829 $15,684,693 $31,063,658
Profit per head of population £40 $105 $80
Profit per employee £8,333 $13,749 $16,667

* Tesco in A$ figure based on $2 to the £1
* Tesco Data taken from Tesco 2010 Annual Report
* Woolworths data taken from Woolworths 2009 Annual Report
* Population figures based on 60m UK and 25m Australia/NZ

If you wish to use these figures, for anything other than general interest, we suggest you download both companies annual reports, and check the exact figures that you need.

Two direct quotes from both reports:

  • Woolworths Limited operates in Australia and New Zealand with 3,162 stores and more than 191,000 employees.
  • Tesco’s UK Revenue £38,558m, 2,482 Stores, 287,669 Employees

The top Five Directors earnings for the year were:

Top 5 Tesco Directors

£5,220,000 Terry Leahy
£4,265,000 Tim Mason
£2,708,000 David Potts
£2,724,000 Andrew Higginson
£2,701,000 Philip Clarke

Top 5 Woolworths Directors

$8,327,767 M Luscombe
$3,970,619 T Pocket
$2,467,990 G Foran
$2,156,196 R Umbers
$1,850,828 J Coates

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