Buying Overseas

Buying Overseas

Buying Overseas and Shipping to Australia

Some things are worth buying overseas, and having shipped to Australia, although changes in the Foreign Exchange rates can have a major bearing on this.

Books are a very common item that are bought from the UK, many people choose as they have excellent prices, and FREE delivery to Australia.

Amazon UK are also often excellent for book pricing for Australia, even with delivery costs added.

With the current problem with book prices in Australia, even Australian school students text books are often cheaper from the UK .

Expensive small items where postage is not to much of a problem, are the most common things shipped over.

For example the expensive ghd Hair straighteners.

Here in Australia the ghd IV Styler Hair Straightener – Mark 4 24mm plates, cost $239.95 AUD from but from they are currently priced at £92.51.  That is about A$157 at the moment.  But this does not include delivery.

Customs duty only applies to goods arriving if the value is over $1,000.

Purchases over $1,000 will incur Customs Duty, plus GST at 10% on the combined cost of the goods, the duty and the delivery charges.

Further details can be seen at:

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For me, the Sedu Tourmaline Revolution styling iron performed like a professional grade iron, so I’m perfectly pleased with it :;`

Posted from: Manilla, Philippines
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