Child Tax Credits Child Benefit

Both Australia and the United Kingdom governments provide financial assistance for families with children.

In Australia this is called Family Tax Benefit (FTB) whilst in the UK it is called Child Tax Credits and Child Benefit.

The benefits that I have seen from both official sources below, at 2009, show the following rates:


  • Child Benefit:
    • £20.00 per week for the first or only child, then
    • £13.20 per week for each other child.
  • Child Tax Credit:
    • £545 annual for the Family Element and
    • £2,235 annual for the Child Element


  • Family Tax Benefit Part A
    • FTB A can vary between $156.94 per fortnight (child under 13) and $50.12 per fortnight (child 16-17) PLUS an end of year supplement of $711.75 per child.
    • A large family supplement of $10.78 per fortnight may also be payable
  • Family Tax Benefit Part B
    • FTB Part B can be either $133.56 per child under 5 or $93.10 per child aged 5-18  at full time school, PLUS an end of year supplement of $346.75 per child.

Income and Asset tests apply to the above.

This Australia Family Tax Benefit is available to be claimed by new Permanent Residents as soon as they arrive, and is not subject to the normal Two year waiting period.


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