Clothing and Clothes Shops in Australia

Clothing in Australia

There are many clothing shops in Australia, although some say that the choice is not as large as in the UK, which is understandable due to the market differences.

Here in QLD we probably get a better choice of Shorts than we do of Trousers 🙂

I am also told we have a much better selection of Swimwear, but a minimal choice of Overcoats and Jumpers.

Clothing Size Conversions

If you check on various websites, you will find conflicting information on clothing size comparisons. For example, one site has Australian size 12 being equal to UK size 8, but another has UK and Australia being the same size. I had planned to show a chart of sizes here, but I am not sure which, if any are correct.

Size Charts:

Jumping Jack Flash and Wheels & Doll Baby

Department Stores with Fashion Sections
Secondary Department Stores that have budget priced clothing
Clothing Only Stores

The above are just a very small selection of Clothing shops in Australia, just to give you an idea. My own suburb of about 11,000 population must have 30-40 clothing shops on its own.

Other Information

Marks and Spencers do NOT have any stores in Australia, but the link provided will show where their world wide stores are. The following countries are shown as having Marks & Spencer stores: Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand.

Next. I have heard that they are looking at Australia, but the closest Store I have seen so far is at: NEXT, Kelapa Gading Permai Jakarta 14240, Indonesia.

Sept 2008 Update – it appears they have now closed that one down, and no further word on opening in Australia.

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