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Looking at prices of External Hard Drives today, and listing some Australian prices at, I decided to compare the same item in the UK.

Western Digital Elements 1TB External Hard Drive – Model: WDE1UBK10000

  • UK Price: £64.99 from Dell inc VAT.
  • Aus Price: $149.00 from a few High Street retailers, inc GST.

When compared against the average wages of each country, they end up being very similar in cost, with the cost as a percentage of wages being:

  • UK: 13.6% of the weekly wage
  • Aus: 12.6% of the weekly wage

Comparisons based on these wage figures:
The median weekly pay for full-time employees in the UK April 2008 was £479 –

Australian Average Income = $1,178.40 pw May 2008 –

Note: There is a difference between average wage and median wage, but until I can locate exactly the same method for each country, this will have to suffice.

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