Discount Shopping in Australia

Shopping in Australia

Discounts – Always ask for the Best price

Australians rarely pay full prices for goods, but many new arrivals seem happy to pay the asking price.

You need to learn to haggle, or pay higher than everyone else.

BOSCH 6.5kg Front Load Washing Machine WAE18060AUW Normal price is $949.00

 You may pay $835 with a little haggling, but, by working at it, how about paying $687.00.

Yes, as at December 2008, that’s a price that the above model can be purchased for.

Goodguys, who sell electrical goods, can give at least 12% off their normal ticket price.

Harvey Norman will always negotiate on price, in fact, who won’t ?

OK, I am not going to ask for a discount at Woolworths for the fruit and veg that I buy, but I will buy them elsewhere, as other shops often sell cheaper anyway !

We went to the markets the other day, sunglasses were $25 a pair, we paid $25 for TWO pairs ($12.50 each)

If you don’t know how to ask for a discount, LEARN Now.

Online Discount Specialist Suppliers

Home Appliances


A lay-by purchase is a method of buying something on credit, but not getting the goods until they are paid for, therefore no credit checks are needed.

You pay a deposit, then more payments till it is paid off, then you get the goods. The shop stores them for you till you are have paid them off. Great for Christmas buying, and then collect on Christmas Eve.


A ‘raincheck’ is a term often used in some shops, to indicate that you can buy at that price even if they have no stock left. eg:

The shop has run out. You order one at the same price, and get it when they come in again, at that price.

Some shops will state… “No rain checks”, as they may be unable, or unwilling, to do so.

Supermarkets On Line

For an idea on Food prices in Australian Supermarkets …

Main Stores On Line catalogues

For an idea on prices for some of the large, non supermarket, stores…

Also check our page: Price of Food in Australia

Shopping Links

Appliances on Line – Delivering to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Canberra & Perth. (My personal favourite often with free delivery and set up)

Union Shopper – the exclusive shopping service for Union members Australia-wide. Buy through Union Shopper and save:

Price Pirate – an independent electrical appliance retailer located in western Sydney, but can deliver to most parts of Australia, and they are a member of a group of 160 independent stores across Australia.

Advantage Shopper – an exclusive shopping service for NRMA Members. They use their national bargaining power to provide savings on electrical goods, cameras and whitegoods. Simply phone Advantage Shopper with the make, model and your best price and they do the rest. Member’s can expect to save, on average, between 9 and 12 per cent on the RRP and have the goods delivered to your door.

Shoppers Advantage – an exclusive shopping service for RACV members.

Appliances on Line – Delivering to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Canberra & Perth.

When you buy from an online internet business in Australia, your consumer rights are normally the same as when you buy in a shop.

However, if the internet purchase involves an auction, then you have no rights for refunds.

“Most auctions are a case of ‘buyer beware’ as there are normally no returns or refunds.” This is a quote at:

Australian Shops and Shopping Centres

The main Food and General grocery supermarkets in Australia are:

  • Woolworths (also known as Safeway in Victoria)with over 700 supermarkets covering Australia.
  • Coles with 760 stores all over Australia. (203 in NSW)
  • ALDI rapidly expanding since 2002 and now with over 200 stores in the Eastern States of Australia.
  • BI-LO with about 70 stores (BiLo is owned by Coles and some shops are now being renovated and renamed as Coles)

Some of the Secondary “independent” supermarkets are

  • IGA is Australia’s leading independent grocery chain
  • Foodworks – in excess of 700 members of independently owned Supermarkets and Foodstores

However, the country also has many smaller shops, and these can often give Good Value, see also our Food link

A small supermarket called NQR, is operating in Victoria, with 16 stores and very low prices.

Some supermarkets offer Online shopping options:

Points Rewards schemes for Australian Shopping

Coles Flybuys

Flybuys is one of Australias largest Points Rewards schemes.

You earn 2 standard points for every $5 spent by shopping at Coles, BI-LO, Target, Kmart and some other shops in the Coles Group.

Use an eligible NAB Credit Card linked to your FlyBuys account and you can earn an extra 1 FlyBuys point for every $5 you spend.

Rewards you get with Flybuys:

  • 2,500 points = $20 FlyBuys Gift Card
  • 6,250 points = $50 FlyBuys Gift Card
  • 12,500 points = $100 FlyBuys Gift Card
  • Basically spend $31,250 and get $100 back.


  • Everyday Reward Card – With the Woolworths Everyday Rewards card, you gain points that can be used for Vouchers to be spent at Woolworths. My calculations show: Spend $13,250 and get $100 back

Shopping Comparison Websites

And a UK one…

A selection of Shops

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